Random Golf Club Challenge w/ Rick Shiels | Wheel Of NOT Ideal

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48 Replies to “Random Golf Club Challenge w/ Rick Shiels | Wheel Of NOT Ideal”

  1. Super says:

    Garrett is a train fan? Lets gooo

  2. Andrew Tuck says:

    @17:16 club drop – making Wesley Bryan @Bryanbrosgolf proud

  3. Dylan Goins says:

    Way to stay positive the whole time Blue Steel. Not so much positivity on Team Strawberry

  4. IDEA: Wheel of Not Ideal + Tee-Flip Challenge!

  5. Mark Carr says:

    Guys….."Wheel of Misfortune" was surely a better title. That said…. Great vid

  6. I left a like because Matt told me to

  7. Joe Rousseau says:

    7:49 when garrett and steve practice putt at the same exact time lol

  8. Cory Gucwa says:

    Love these challenges, and with Rick to boot! Great video

  9. Garret M says:

    "I love trains" edits gave me some solid giggles

  10. lxBadgettxl says:

    what happen to Brad for this challenge?

  11. Just sayin, Wheel of Not Ideal worst ball scramble, longest video ever

  12. when does the rematch come with Xander again

  13. OkayDyl says:

    100% full rotation

  14. Joakim L says:

    I just love to see Matt so happy and goofy again!

  15. MrRbeckham says:

    We need a worst ball wheel of not ideal

  16. I love it when they draw the tracer for matt’s tee shot straight into the ground

  17. Matt definitely had 2 cups of coffee before this round lmao

  18. Groups of 3, me myself and Luke 🤣

  19. Timmy Z says:

    Isnt the second hole par 3?

  20. Yes garret y’all have been on a team together, lol every time I swear one of them says this

  21. ambush 247 says:

    You need to add swing lefty to the wheel

  22. Matt talked more in the first two holes than the whole major video 😂 iguess when you winning you can talk but when you playing bad you just gotta stay silent lol

  23. Gary tindal says:

    You ever play a real round of golf?

  24. Lol , Steve taking a leak on the second hole.

  25. I want you guys to do wheel of holes and whoever spins the wheel they have to go to that hole 🕳️

  26. Do you guys want to come to Coto

  27. “A real adventure begins with no plans” Is some fortune cookie stuff

  28. Mario Sienza says:

    Rick Shiels just has to join Good Good at this point

  29. Steve : “We should’ve just spreaded you out”Garret: huh???. Yo Rick is kinda amazing at this challenge, what the heck.

  30. Definitely going to be ordering some of those balls considering they release on my birthday 😂

  31. You should do a challenge where halve wheel is ideal halve it not ideal.

  32. JohnnyT says:

    One of the best good good videos in recent memory. My fav YouTubers all in one video to boot. Great episode guys!

  33. Been watching you guys for two years now after getting back into golf after 20 plus years..
    My handicap is a 20 but today after watching this video I said to myself I’m going to relax and play my best round ever this afternoon
    The thought of powerful suggestion I shot my first ever 78. Keep up the great work
    Love it when you collaborate with Bob does sports

  34. Anyone know what the long sleeve zip polo thing Garret is wearing is called?

  35. 4killer says:

    Just knew Luke was gonna do something special with that flop 5 iron. So ridiculous. Really wanted to see them boys go for birdie but Luke said nope

  36. Marshall says:

    Wait????!!! What Collin say😂 18:56

  37. We learn that Shielzy is not much of a hugger.

  38. c says:

    It was a win as soon as the name was chosen! You don't beat Bluesteel

  39. Everyone is incredible and so entertaining besides Matt. Just trim the fat fellas!!! Y’all rock

  40. Please delete Matt

  41. Garrett "I love trains" took me out 😂

  42. never seen rick so happy playing golf,surely your turn to go over the pond next time

  43. You can almost see Shiels become a kid again around the guys.

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