Where Are The Runs? | Gate 14 Episode 114 | A Toronto Blue Jays Podcast

The Toronto Blue Jays lose 3 of 4 from the Baltimore Orioles but that doesn’t stop Gate 14. Johnny Sources is back in the mud to break the D.S news, Alek Manoah wearing the Yu CY shirt, and Johnny Woods on the course. Breaking down what has happened to this team, and where we stand heading into Fenway. ALL THAT AND MUCH MORE

Gate 14 is the most electric Toronto Blue Jays podcast on the planet. Join Johnny, Avery & Jeremy as they navigate the ups and down of 162. New episodes drop twice a week, so subscribe now!

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16 Replies to “Where Are The Runs? | Gate 14 Episode 114 | A Toronto Blue Jays Podcast”

  1. Mark D says:

    They give me the runs! Because they play like SH*T

  2. Michael B says:

    the Jays with RISP is like me with a birdie putt.

  3. Jays are 2-15 vs O's and Boston, 58-35 vs everyone else. Those two teams are your problems, not hitting or pitching.

  4. Its funny you touched on the Go zone.. For years us fans complained about the Os just going up there and hacking away at everything.. and then the redsox would come to town and the starting pitcher would have like 75 pitches by the 3rd inning bc they worked the counts … its refreshing to see these young kids taking such good at bats.. working counts.. fouling balls off and driving up pitch counts.. getting a start out is big in todays game

  5. Jays and Yankees constantly mishandle their prospects.

  6. Jack Uzzi says:

    I just found this channel. What has been said about Vladdy. He sucks and is a problem in my books. He ain't a leader but thinks he is. No way that guy ever gets 30m a year. Blockbuster. Unload VG in off season. Let's see what the market thinks of him. In theory the Jays should get a haul for him.

  7. Ken Paterson says:

    The jays hitting staff needs a major retool fire them all then hire Dante

  8. As an Orioles fan I stumbled across your stream the other night. I'm not going to lie I was extremely entertained watching your reactions. Mainly because I'm just as emotionally invested in the Orioles as you are in the Blue Jays. And it was like watching a mirror image when you were flipping out. Made me feel better about myself I thought I was the only one that did s*** like that and I give you props for doing it live. And now I find myself watching your dang podcast. You have really good takes and you know your team I think more than the beat writers do by leaps and bounds. If Toronto was wise they would hire you as one of their analysts unless you already are and I don't realize that. They're losing out by not having you on their payroll and I'm being sincerely honest. You know more about that team it seems to me then just about anybody. The fact that you have an Orioles fan watching your podcast now should speak volumes about your baseball IQ. Anyways you got a new fan from Virginia who's been a Baltimore fan since the '70s. Grew up in the Washington area. Rest of the family jump ship became Nationals fans but I stayed true to my Orioles. I respect the passion that you have for your team. Keep up the good work brother You should be working for the Blue Jays

  9. Dulcimerist says:

    Jays hitting strategist Dave Hudgens needs to go. The situational hitting and runners in scoring position issues are showing that the current hitting strategies aren't working.

  10. Buckwilder says:

    In game entertainment is atrocious and insufferable, thankfully some people are talking about it. Literally designed for a 10 year-old high on adderall. Cant even have a conversation with the person beside me.

  11. Jeremy V says:

    Can the jays bunt with two on no out ever? The orioles don’t seem to care

  12. Ty says:

    You were right. Hit like crack.

  13. Jid says:

    I love my 84-78 2023 blue jays

  14. Herman Yu says:

    Shi Davidi retweeted your post

  15. Josh Kordovi says:

    Should’ve traded for Belli

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