Reboot: DAIWA Advisor DG 273

‘GolfBarons Reboot’ pays homage to some iconic, game-changing, or simply pure golf clubs from yesteryear.

In this episode we revisit a set of blades Tiger Woods was gaming as he took the golf world by storm. Let us know your thoughts about the Daiwa Advisor DG 273s in the ‘Comments’ section below.

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6 Replies to “Reboot: DAIWA Advisor DG 273”

  1. shellyad100 says:

    Hi..can you tell me the lofts of these clubs please.. really enjoyed your upload.. Regards David I ve a full set of these and I love them

  2. shellyad100 says:

    What is the lofts if these please..Great vid By the way

  3. …in my bag as we speak….Sweeeeeeettttttt!!!!

  4. Brendon Kop says:

    I had a set of these and some ar#*hole stole them 😡

  5. Salty Bryne says:

    I own these irons, I bought them used from a guys garage and they have helped my game tremendously. I started playing 5 years ago, my first starter set was Zevio cavity backs, this being my second set and by far the best. If you can hit the sweet spot the ball will FLY

  6. Didn't know I owned such historical irons

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