UK Armored Makes A Comeback // WARNO Gameplay

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7 Replies to “UK Armored Makes A Comeback // WARNO Gameplay”

  1. Annoying teammates, especially the "I-hate-konkurs-guy".

  2. acidduk says:

    "Let's keep the comms tactical" haha was thinking the same thing!

  3. Jamesj0ker says:

    Yeah the incredibly weak AA is the big problem of this division. The Javelin LML is nice and all but doesnt compensate for the lack of long range AA. In 2nd Infantry the Rapier FSA does the job pretty well however.

  4. I played a 3v3 today and actually pushed my open back on my side of the map today (ended with a victory as well). I've never been too good at these games although I played and loved wargame so I think I'm getting better!

  5. Raul O says:

    Ah UK. Slowest with the mostest!

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