Replacing old damaged interior parts Volkswagen Golf MK4

Replacing old damaged interior parts Volkswagen Golf MK4

Here are the products used in the video:

Soft rubber removal solution –

RCN210 Car Radio CD Player USB –
Headlight Control Switch –
Rear Ash Tray –
Door Panel Leather Covers –
Cup Holder –
Climate Control Switch Unit –
Shift Knob –

Music from ://

The steering wheel is from there guys :

In this video, I show you how to make your VW Golf 4 interior look like new again.
I ordered all the parts from AliExpress With just $150 including shipping costs, the shipping time was 20 days but it was worth the wait, the pieces fit and work perfectly.
The replacement and restoration process lasted almost two days.

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30 Replies to “Replacing old damaged interior parts Volkswagen Golf MK4”

  1. Hello, first of all nice video.
    I have two questions:
    1º- Where can I found the red glue that you used for the door pannels.
    2º- Where can I found the black glou that you used for door pannels.

  2. John Clover says:

    Got them cubes in the dash old school Alpine

  3. Gary Tate says:

    Great work! I will be following your example!

  4. questo schifo di auto mi a mangiato la vita dopo 10 anni iniziò ad averne una a settimana buttatela via

  5. Не правильная установка динамиков🤦‍♂️
    Ещё и альпаин магнитолу хорошую убрал

  6. MK4 golf is best golf

  7. Where can the interior parts be purchaesd? I'm looking for the part where tge gear lever fits in – the part is fairly big.

  8. Hello sir, Great video gave me some ideas.

    I have a question what did you use to glue the armrest covers (the red paste) and how did you attach it to the door is that a special silicon(the black) or glue?

    Best Regards

  9. Blud didn't have money to buy a new one so it changed it

  10. Ionut Balan says:

    What paind did you to paint the plastic?thank you

  11. Terry Farmer says:

    Can I please have a link to all the components I would greatly appreciate it. I'm a very ticky guy I like all the small details clean just as ypu did

  12. Yo buddy this was a job very well done! Awesome work! Them mk4 jetta interiors never seemed to age very well

  13. Bardak tutucuyu nasıl söktünüz

  14. Ma quello è profumo per auto che passi con il pennello ??

  15. Jorge Jim says:

    How much did u spend in all those parts? $$

  16. Trashcan 4u says:

    It is better without soft rubber. It will never require re-doing if you don't spray rubber back.

  17. Fixmajster says:

    Hello, what a glue you used for leader?

  18. Thanks for the explanations.

  19. It really is a very beautiful car.❤❤

  20. Where can I buy or get them, I am in South Africa Johannesburg?

  21. I changed my radio to a double din. Would this cup holder still be able to replace my current one? I have a 98 mk4 golf so im not sure if its different

  22. I hate working in the interior of my mk3. Its 30 years old at this point and SHIT WILL BREAK theres almost no stopping it. I figure ill just wait till i have the money for it a pay a guy like yourself to do it. Im going with the barebones look atm because carpet got soaked through pretty bad

  23. What is that thing which remove the soft touch paint around the shifter

  24. Tuur_DS says:


  25. Rhittzy says:

    My mk4 has the same plastic buildup all inside the interior what is the liquid you used that dissolved it right away?

  26. Mason Locke says:

    I really like that steering wheel! Is it OEM??

  27. The mk4 was always let down by some of the interior plastics

  28. Jose Pe says:

    Fantastic!! I need know the name of spray that you use for paint the plastics

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