Review: 2023 Volkswagen Arteon R-Line – Grown-Up Golf R?

I spend a week with the 2023 VW Arteon R-Line which is now more powerful thanks to the motor from the Golf R being transplanted in. Now with 300 hp, the Arteon is a lot more exciting to drive, and combined with the excellent comfort it has, those looking for a more spacious and comfortable Golf R might find a lot to like here. But unfortunately it isn’t a perfect experience, and at it’s much higher price point compared to its competitors, it’s tough to justify even in its final year on the market before the ID.7 comes to replace it. What do you think about the 2023 Arteon? Thanks to Volkswagen for providing this vehicle to review!

Time stamps:
0:00 Exterior
1:27 Interior
8:26 Initial impressions
10:06 Acceleration
13:01 Handling and ride
14:31 Launch control
15:07 Highway driving and safety tech
17:13 Fuel economy
18:47 Pricing and competitor comparisons
21:30 Final thoughts

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36 Replies to “Review: 2023 Volkswagen Arteon R-Line – Grown-Up Golf R?”

  1. If the lane keeping works long enough for me to grab a bite of sandwich on a long road trip then that's all I need.

  2. MS RR says:

    The design and performance are certainly quite good. However, I’d rather get an A4. Better features, tech, quality, interiors and driving dynamics overall. Performance isn’t far off, still spacious and it’s just a better buy for the money.

  3. Jdl says:

    Yeah no more VW for me after being burned twice with oil consumption problems… diesel and gas jettas

  4. MVT says:

    I wonder how much kia is paying you

  5. s alvanip says:

    This kind of seems like the Accord Sport 2.0t to the Civic Type R. With a tune you can probably have a more grown up Golf R in a sedan body. Very handsome car and I kind of like that the interior is a bit behind the curve on tech.

  6. Jake Vaflor says:

    People still cross-shop these with the Stinger. While VW has made some strides to make it a little more sporty, I personally think the Stinger takes the cake for driving experience. I've not driven this "new" Arteon yet, but have driven the first generation and the Stinger. From the seat of the pants, the Stinger caters to more of an enthusiast-focused experience, and the Arteon is more luxury/comfort-focused experience. While I consider the Stinger a sports sedan, the Arteon is a sport-ish luxury sedan. Sad to see the end of these sporty sedans though!

  7. I traded in my Passat R line for the Areton R line and love it, love the room and trunk space and not to mention it hauls ass. My son drives a dodge scat pack and he loves the power my car has on it. 😊

  8. ssr1680 says:

    Also i must say this, The Arteon is built in Germany not here in America so the build quality is pretty high and that's why this top example with all the bells and whistles is 51k. I would try to get this 48k if possible and the ID7 is not going sell well here in America, let's be real EV's are not selling.

  9. R35killa says:

    Sadly it seems that I'll be crossing this one off my list. I was really hoping that the 22's would drop a little further in price to make it more worth it over some of the competitor's but it doesn't seem that way. I think you and I have similar opinions on cars and this one doesn't feel as dynamic as it could or should be. Sadly the Stinger is out for me as an option due to person experiences with Hyundai/Kia. Great review still Matt!

  10. Terry says:

    Are they actually selling for 51? I saw one on my VW show floor with big 5k off sticker haha. I wouldn't mind one coming from a 17 Golf R lol. Wonder if the cruise control in traffic is still kinda jerky like mine. Once it finally notices a car it feels like it slams those brakes.

  11. InfoumusMOBB says:

    Year and half left of its life and that's when they listen to consumers and give it some power to some what compete with other cars…..

  12. vlajster says:

    Try this,and then try the alfa romeo giulia. Thank me later.

  13. ak2112 says:

    I like it. And I like the smaller, integrated dash screen… don't assume everyone wants bigger and dumber.

  14. I agree with the premium spec debacle. At that price point, you might as well get an actual A5 instead of this knockoff MQB version.

  15. I agree 110%, I feel like the stinger is overall a much better value than the arteon.

  16. STEVEN S says:

    Wow awesome looking car i love those crazy wheels! 😂 unfortunately the only thing this has going for it is that crazy range over 500 miles on the highway that is pretty cool👌

  17. Dev N says:

    It won’t sell at all for $53,000 and then they’ll cancel it and say nobody wants sedans or wagons

  18. Gabriel Jean says:

    Low profile tires…. Costs you a shit tonne in replacements.

  19. J Pizel says:

    This has to be the worst acceleration delay I have ever seen on a car.

  20. Doug Vaughan says:

    Beautiful drive on 70-W

  21. Umm is that rust already in the engine bay (30 seconds in) at only 2200 miles?

  22. CarsTechWood says:

    4.6 second 0-60 is kinda crazy in a sedan this big with only 300 HP. That’s faster than my 2015 Mustang GT.

  23. gladdy02 says:

    Hes right. Beautiful car but way to expensive brand new..wait a few years and the depreciation will drop the cars price faster then youd think.

  24. CarsTechWood says:

    This might be my favorite sedan and that says something because in general, I am not a VW fan. I saw one in person and it was really bold

  25. Mike StClair says:

    This car is at the top of my buying choices right now. I’ve probably driven 12 different cars and trucks. I liked it even better than the Audi S3. Such a fantastic ride and actual good electronic suspension tuning, which I can’t say about most. Also has some of the best seats I’ve sat in in any car. I get a crazy deal on VW Audi vehicles due to working for a dealer group. I also thought the dsg felt good. I’m also considering a used 19-21 S60 T6 R Design. My wife’s 23 S4 averages 30mpg on every road trip at over the speed limit.

  26. Hafiz Janjua says:

    10:30 engine already has rust at the back?

  27. nah says:

    VW's high end stuff is weird to me. It feels like an intentionally stripped down Audi but still expensive.

  28. Angryeddie14 says:

    Dang that looks pretty good ngl

  29. Not bad at 40 grand but at 50 it’s Lexus money

  30. Vero Tabares says:

    $51k is an obscene price for a car of that class.

  31. Bill Seiler says:

    The lag in power is a dealer breaker

  32. Anton Roux says:

    does the new Honda Accord compete with this?

  33. It’s a shame you guys accross the pond don’t get the full fat R model of the arteon – saying that, this version is so rare in the UK I’ve never seen an R on the road. We also get the option of a bigger infotainment screen. Thinking about getting one as our second car – will make a great GT

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