RESULTS: First Round playing TAKOMO 101T irons

If you saw my recent review of the Takomo 101T irons, you’ll know my first impressions were good, but in order to game them permanently, they’ll need to perform well on the course!

I took my Takomo’s out at the beautiful hidden gem of a golf course that is Boomerang Golf Club – a course definitely worth playing.

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Thank, Jon

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10 Replies to “RESULTS: First Round playing TAKOMO 101T irons”

  1. I would like to see a comparison between the 101T irons to the Takomo 201 irons

  2. L Verville says:

    They are ok clubs not great, but don’t believe all the positive reviews, I posted a negative review twice on the Takomo site and they never posted it. Also, they say 30 day returns, but the fine prints say you can only try the 7 iron. That’s why so many are for sale on marketplace, because you can’t really return them. Most positive reviews come from people that replaced very old irons, granted they are very cheap in price.

  3. Les says:

    G'day , how do they compare to i 500 in terms of distance & feel , Do the 101 T's feel clicky ? cheers mate. Also can I ask how long to ship to Oz & cost in au $

  4. Red Phenix says:

    Hi Jon,

    From watching your videos for a while, i suggest the 101 short irons launch higher and fly shorter – eg wedge and nine iron in particular – than your 525 regular distances. Might be worth checking the stated and actual lofts of those v your 525’s? Sim will be interesting too.

    Same shafts, same length, lie angle and lofts as the 525’s?

  5. samthecann says:

    what wedges did you use just the pw or did you use differnt?

  6. Simon says:

    Hi Jon I've enjoyed your videos for some time and they're improving all the time, well done. Quick question, where did you get the takomos? I was looking for new irons recently and wanted to try them, but couldn't find any here in Aus. Thanks mate.

  7. LFCShadow says:

    That 7th hole is a tricky one. Lost a ball in that water the other week

  8. That chip on 7 was delightful, and the wedge putt was cheeky!

  9. Interesting video Jon. Also have your previous model in my bag (i500). Really curious if you are going to switch that quick to the Takomo irons! When are you going to decide?

  10. Enigma says:

    I’m usually not one to have a 4 iron. I suppose with the price of these I could just not put it in the bag. Honestly would like to try these out because why not?

    I did recently get some Ping i230’s – although not a distance iron the sound and feel are pretty amazing so I’m interested in comparing them

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