Review | Nike TW13 Golf Shoes

23 Replies to “Review | Nike TW13 Golf Shoes”

  1. Did you get the new ones?

  2. Peter B says:

    Would you prefer this one over tw14???

  3. TommyD Golf says:

    super easy to clean

  4. nagleisjoe says:

    how are they for cleaning?

  5. Why don't you get the addizero

  6. really want a pair of these. i know the tw14 is about to release but that is wayyyy to expensive for me. also these look so good and stylish to be a good casual shoes as well….would you recommend that?

  7. Drew says:

    Thanks for the review. How is the width of the shoes?

  8. Michael W says:

    just to answer the leather comment that you werent sure of, they actually are not made of leather at all

  9. Will Watt says:

    CAn you buy new spikes for the bottom?

  10. TommyD Golf says:

    I know, I cant wait! I think you will love these kicks. They keep you stabilized very well.

  11. TommyD Golf says:

    you will love them!

  12. TommyD Golf says:

    they ran exactly at what I wear. nike usually runs a little big but these fit perfect.

  13. TommyD Golf says:

    nothing extra, but with these kicks, no extras were needed.

  14. TommyD Golf says:

    haha, thanks for checking out my channel. I really do appreciate it.

  15. TommyD Golf says:

    I believe you can. Just need a tool.

  16. TommyD Golf says:

    you are welcome! thanks for watching!

  17. TommyD Golf says:

    they really are amazing shoes

  18. can you take off the spikes under the shoes, those are good look walking shoes

  19. srv29 says:

    Sounds like Rickie Fowler. Good review.

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