INSTANT AIM FIX! I use this on EVERY SHOT #golf #golftechnique #golftips #golfadvice #golfswing

4 Replies to “INSTANT AIM FIX! I use this on EVERY SHOT #golf #golftechnique #golftips #golfadvice #golfswing”

  1. I see this as a bogus rational for prescribing an open shoulder posture.
    A parallel shoulder posture would align to a point just two feet left of the target. At 200 yards – this results in angle of just 0.2 degrees left – indistinguishable from aligning right AT the target.

  2. brodygoalie says:

    You can't do this when playing so exactly what else can you do? Should your shoulders be aiming how much Left to the target? I have issues with what your saying. I feel like my shoulders are left of the target but they are not left enough. Thanks

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