Rick Shiels improves our golf swing in JUST *5 minutes*!! | GolfGirls Episode 10

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47 Replies to “Rick Shiels improves our golf swing in JUST *5 minutes*!! | GolfGirls Episode 10”

  1. Pre shot routine Mia

  2. Roy Close says:

    I think the girls did excellent really good swings 👏 😊

  3. TobyPower7 says:

    Great Video, well done everyone. Love Rick he's a different level of youtuber

  4. mattyc93 says:

    Loved this!! Definitely very helpful to everyone of us too

  5. Ricks original coaching videos at the beginning of his youtube journey are the best.

  6. John Gendron says:

    Mia, your swing has great tempo and extension. Follow your process and move from shot to shot. Perfect is the enemy of good.

  7. Tim Lillard says:

    Absolutely valuable and charming lesson. Rick is great! You ladies have such enthusiasm and joie de vivre, the fun and laughter just bubbles over and is extremely contagious. I watched your scramble round vs. Rick and I couldn't stop smiling the entire time. I personally (although I have absolutely no involvement with any of you and you've never heard of me, along with 75 million other people) believe that you all have tremendous determination to become excellent golfers. Thank you all (and you, too, Rick) for putting yourselves out there for the whole world to see, so we can see our own concerns and flaws and learn from you how to overcome adversity. You are awesome!

  8. goHAMM says:

    Mia, stop being so hard on yourself (I do the same so I’m half typing this to myself lol). You are insanely good for your short amount of time playing – if the best in the world can still shank it mid tournament, then you have to expect to hit some bad shots here and there. It’s ok to have high goals, as long as you also have realistic ones. Like he said, a bad shot is just a new opportunity for an amazing next shot!!

  9. Great attitudes from the GGs
    I know you love scrambles but have you ever thought about doing a video where you 3 alternate shots? Cheers

  10. Iam playing golf for the first time tomorrow. I hope it is going to be as awesome as I think it will be. My brother who is 19years older is going with me

  11. itsandbits1 says:

    You know, I can hardly stand to watch Rick golf on his channel because he's so hard on himself but here he is totally opposite. Maybe he should stick to coaching LOL he seems like a much nicer guy

  12. Wonderful video. These last 2 instruction videos have been wonderful for an old hacker like myself. My goal is to truly enjoy golf and set simple goals. Right now my goal is break 90. It could happen next month or next year. This video and the suggestions in it are ideas I can work with toward my goal. Thank you Mia!

  13. You should do a series of videos coaching guests on your channel like this one. Surely you have the time if you make it part of your channel. I really enjoyed this!

  14. Top arm spinner 😂👌🏻

  15. Matt Smith says:

    Wow you girls are great golfers and should all have so much confidence in your own ability! Keep up the good golf 🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♀️

  16. Nick Ecob says:

    You all seemed to have fun whilst getting the tips, great video

  17. Let's go boy's and girls 🏌️

  18. Man what is guve to have Rick helping me out on the course

  19. Really???? …..you call this work!!😂😂❤

  20. Yen Zen says:

    Mia would be a great candidate for meditation. Her mind just seems to be racing all the time.

  21. Matt Bolton says:

    Tried to ensure my right arm felt over my left today and bingo… made a big difference to the direction of my ball flight. Simple things that we need to know. Thanks Rick. Great video as always. Thanks Mia and Golf Girls!

  22. Andy H says:

    Tell you what girl's take that out on the corse and you will soon be shooting under par rounds 👍

  23. Only just caught up with this. I have only been playing for 18 months hence this is highly relatable content. Rick is such a good coach, positivity abounds, picks up on the good things and then tweaks a weakness. So true when he says you can only learn a little at a time. You are all GREAT students – prepared to listen, follow the advice and give positive support to each other. Looking forward to watching each one of you improve exponentially over the next couple of years – please keep these coming!

  24. Curly Bill says:

    Rick is way too young for the 'back in my day' act 😂😂

  25. Great video!! Jack Nicolas once said if he hits one good drive, one good fairway wood, one good iron, one good chip and one good putt he is happy with his round because golf is such a hard game to play. And he’s one of the greatest of all time.

  26. john wheeler says:

    Golf is already complicated, just keep it simple and stay with the same coach

  27. BESTREAD 1 says:

    The ladies and Rick really made me feel I was there with you. Everything each lady worked on was like my game issues. Rick's a natrural coach with easy understandable instructions. Super helpful❤

  28. D Michaels says:

    What a good golf coach does is instill self confidence in their students. Nobody does that better than Rick.

  29. I swear, you three just bring fun back into golf! It's like a drug when I watch! Can't get enough and I definitely have too much water in my jughead 😂.

  30. nildex34 says:

    Rick is like a magician, walking someone through a card trick, and hey presto, a good golf shot. His coaching is magic.

  31. Daniel 189 says:

    ‘I was thinking of something else’
    Don’t ever change Rick 😂

  32. The enthusiasm shows thru on Rick when coaching, the simple instruction to help improve the ladies games in such a short space of time , impressive

  33. Shawn says:

    Beginners shoudl NEVER use a driver! Master the 3W first…

  34. JKG says:

    I’ve got same problem as Jenny. Slice the shit of of my shots all the time 🤦‍♂️

    that tennis move. Does that go for all shots? And you use your arm to do it?

  35. John Miller says:

    Mia, I think, in your head, you're hitting your next shot, before you've finished hitting your first one. So it stops you from being able to focus on the shot you're taking. Basically, you're expecting to hit a bad shot. And you're prepared to hit the next one. What this does, in your mind, is make you not be able to appreciate a good shot. Because, since you were expecting a bad one, all you see is the bad parts of the shot, even if it was good.

  36. Pete Molnar says:

    The sun is out??

  37. Earl Blevins says:

    I often suffer from the effects of that fifteenth club (my mind). I have been amazed at how quickly you have picked up the game.

  38. There’s nothing like seeing why a great coach is great. Fantastic video and such good fun!! Looking phenomenal Golf Girls!!!!

  39. John Gibson says:

    Very enjoyable and interesting. You girls are much better than you give yourselves credit for..

  40. RayKlotz420 says:

    Great video…would love to see you four collab some more!! 👍

    That assist from Rick on the outro 😂😂😂😂

  41. thomas bowan says:

    I truly love this video..
    The number one thing I was taught from my best lesson I ever had was that my last shot happened and I can't change that. But my next shot is going to get me closer to my goal… I ended my career in golf with a 6 handicap at age 61…. just enjoy the ability to be able to keep playing this awesome game 😊

  42. Not Satoshi says:

    Confidence is an effect of success, not a cause. There are some serious fundamental flaws Rick did not even mention. You have to address those before you start seeing real improvement. Go see a real instructor. Rick is probably the worst choice. Good content creator, awful instructor.

  43. Simon Hague says:

    Would be great to see a video where you play a round where one player has Rick as their coach/caddie and change player every three holes to see how it's applied on the course…

  44. I get what Mia was talking about. I put too much pressure on myself at the local course because everyone there knows I'm on youtube and social media. So I feel like people are expecting me to play pretty decent. Though if they think that, they have apparently never watched a video. 😅 It sort of all gets in my head, especially during the Sunday scramble, while playing for money.

  45. T says:

    If they were hitting off turf instead of these mats it would be a totally different story…they’d be plowing the ground like a shovel. Or topping the ball. Hitting off mats is way easier….

  46. T says:

    I can’t imagine what floating golf balls must feel like to hit…are they soft ? Hard ? Very interesting….

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