5 hole Scramble with Model, BRI TERESI | Sabrina Andolpho

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28 Replies to “5 hole Scramble with Model, BRI TERESI | Sabrina Andolpho”

  1. Mightymole says:

    Whoever this new chick is she's high maintenance stay away from her. 😏 Half dressed.

  2. Simon Pegg says:

    Hi Sabrina, 🙂 Jolly video, Bri seems nice.
    Your effervesence has inspired me to get out of bed early and attempt another attack on some unsuspecting grass somewhere this morning, maybe this afternoon… Also.. did you see the Evil Div 3 college putting footage? I would be interested to see how you might have tackled that conundrum, very funny though.
    Lots of Love
    Si x

  3. howard dewey says:

    Fake lips and chest. I rather look at Sabrina

  4. les mccoy says:

    How did you two meet

  5. Beautiful Ladies! more more please….

  6. Nick Maschas says:

    Going to start a range finder company just to sponsor them.

    Swing looked solid Sabrina!!

  7. brian sobkiw says:

    You keep on creating great content with the fellow YouTubers it’s awesome but will you please hit the practice range lol

  8. Phil Wilson says:

    "I just straight up told a guy his swing was bad" 🤓🤓🤓

  9. Eddy.J says:


  10. A.M Golf says:

    I'm here for glutes and golf.

  11. astrosfan74 says:

    ProV 1 golf balls suck and I would never play them at all. If you were giving away Callaway Chrome Soft that would be great. I play those golf balls and love them. Hate the ProV 1 golf balls.

  12. Greg Sanchez says:

    My opinion Sabrina your swing and play through the course is more define ,,Plus your better looking than her ,, she to flashy 🍑

  13. Mat Pace says:

    Yeshhh… don’t know nothing about golf, but I really like these chicks. Eve vs Marilyn Manson.

  14. Tyler F. says:

    Just keep up the great work! Love your content #FanBoi4Life

  15. Lrwebb says:

    Have you tried clipping your mic onto your hat? Not the peak, maybe the headband part would work….

  16. Doesn't everyone run on the golf course at some point in their round?

  17. Zack F says:

    I like the vibe you and Bri have, fun video!

  18. Bryan Whelan says:

    “This boxer named Canelo”. Lol. Probably one of the greatest boxers ever.

  19. babylove1821 says:

    Bri is hot. Sabrina is not.

  20. Bri is really good for two and half years playing. I was still a shit show after two years

  21. Brandon D says:

    Did she just say “some boxer” and then mention his name as Canelo. I hope she doesn’t mean Canelo Alvarez.

  22. Tyrone Jones says:

    What a treat I got my lotion and tissue out and ready to watch the match.

  23. Ryan H says:

    Refreshing that Bri didn't speak with the typical instagram model affectation.

  24. we're all more interested in you ladies getting a mouthful of each other's slit

  25. Bri definitely matched your energy! Sabrina your shot reactions are hilarious!! Snapping your fingers to get the ball to sit….😂 You are the Best!! 🙌⛳

  26. Keemz Opiana says:

    Aloha Sabrina. Love your content. You are a great golfer . I see Luke Kwon from Good good golf puts his mic on his hat. Maybe you could do the same ?!? Just a suggestion 😁😁😁

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