Ricky Wysocki 4-Time Ledgestone Winner? New PDGA Rules! 6 Aces 1 Day! | Tour Life #29

Last week 3 events went down, Mid America Open, Aland Open, and Jarva Open with some unique winners. We also preview Ledgestone Open and the new PDGA rules.
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14:50-42:45 Mid America Open Recap
42:46-46:00 DGPT Rankings Update
48:20-52:40 Aland Open Recap
52:41-55:40 Jarva Open Recap
55:46-1:08:47 New PDGA Rules
1:08:48-1:24:26 Ledgestone Open Preview
1:24:27-1:43:15 Listener Questions

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30 Replies to “Ricky Wysocki 4-Time Ledgestone Winner? New PDGA Rules! 6 Aces 1 Day! | Tour Life #29”

  1. 14:5042:45 Mid America Open Recap
    42:4646:00 DGPT Rankings Update
    48:2052:40 Aland Open Recap
    52:4155:40 Jarva Open Recap
    55:461:08:47 New PDGA Rules
    1:08:481:24:26 Ledgestone Open Preview
    1:24:271:43:15 Listener Questions

  2. hunter looks like Sean Omalleys cousin that didnt start smoking weed in highschool

  3. mega icculus says:

    Firm hate the required PDGA membership to play a C tier. I joined the PDGA in 2008, I have not been current for several years, I have not felt the value has been worthwhile. Playing about 3-4 local C tiers a year I just eat the extra $10 fee each time. I play quite a few more unsanctioned fundraiser/fun events and participate in leagues, PDGA just doesn't offer anything I am interested in.

  4. Teemu says:

    You can’t replace a tour player with some random guy who one day decided he knows something about disc golf

  5. Bulk Bogan says:

    I aced hole 18 at Greenspace dgc/paw paw park twice in a month by myself.. My friends dont believe me.. 😂😂😂

  6. I wish I could compete this weekend! Good luck gentlemen! Northwood is going to run you for your money!

  7. Uli is sick. Hunter is here. Brodie is a liar. Skip to 15:00 for golf talk .

  8. Chaser 90EK says:

    A lot of people think the C-Tier change is a pushback on the people saying they'll be boycotting PDGA membership next year who still planned to play those 1 or 2 C Tiers they want to.

  9. mega icculus says:

    A paddle is a decent trophy for a boating race. Trophy paddles are generally smaller than a regular sized paddle.

  10. Tromm says:

    Do you really think that disc golf isn’t just “execute your shot”???

  11. mega icculus says:

    Presnell with a drone in his hand is certainly noteworthy.

  12. I like listening to Hunter in other formats, but I think bringing him on turned the podcast into punditry rather than the typical conversations rooted in the experience of life on tour. Would love to see future episodes with a guest that’s an actual touring pro like Goose or Calvin or even someone like Clemons.

  13. gfriner says:

    A lot of strategy in darts especially cricket.

  14. PeTeE says:

    Corey Ellis first time in Europe, wins a major. Presnell first time in Europe, comes back, wins an a tier. McBeth plays first season in Europe, wife is pregnant.

  15. Kevin says:

    Why did you bring Hunter on??? Dude might be the most annoying person ever.

  16. Ah yes, faking aces for fun. Classic… Be better, Brodie. Take it serious.

  17. This poddy is not the same without Uli unfortunately

  18. Jorma Teräs says:

    Northwood is an awful course to watch. All the holes look the same and boredom sets after 5 holes. It is also awfully designed. On most holes there are no good caps and it's mostly about luck. You could see this clearly on the Brodie, Ezra and Calvin Practice Round. Massive amount of perfectly thrown shots hit some skinny tree or twig that should not be there on a well designed course. Remove about 200 trees and it might be manageable. Still boring but fair.

  19. ProfLowery says:

    The take on bowling is certainly an ignorant one. There’s far more than just oil patterns that plays into the strategy. I think a great guest of the show would be Kyle Sherman and or Brad miller of the YT channel Brad and Kyle

  20. Floyd W says:

    If it wasn't for that damn crow Brodie would have won at least three more tournaments

  21. One comment about McBeth's comments about injuries in long courses. I think it is clear that it increases injury risk. It doesn't matter what you, if you do more with maximum power, it increases injury risk. if you go to the gym and do max weights every time every day, you increase injury risk. if you run every day the maximum, you increase injury risk.
    Of course with preparation, taking care of your body etc. you can make the risk smaller.
    Should this injury risk be taken into consideration when deciding what course to play? I don't think so.

    One big problem with throwing discs hard is that discs are very light and gives only very little resistance. Men's javelin weighs 800 g. If they would throw junior javelin that weighs 400 g hard, they would be more likely to break themselves due to the weight of a lighter javelin.

    Javelin throwers who play disc golf would throw massive overhands, but disc is too light so they throw only 20% power or something like that. They say that such light object would break them if they threw it full power. Good thing especially about backhand is that it is quite natural movement for a human body. Forehand is another story. Lot more easier to get injuries with a forehand. Now I mean ligament and joint injuries. With backhand knees and ankles are in higher risk.

    Players can decide what tournaments they play and many practices too much. Increase quality of the practice and don't throw every day. That helps as well. If you throw and practice drives 3-4 days a week, then your body can endure tournaments plays. if you throw drives every day, sooner or later you get injured. If you focus on training and throw more, then skip a tournament.

  22. The scores resetting makes complete sense. It's basically like a play in tournament. Imagine the nba finals where the scores carry over from game 1 to game 2, that would be stupid. That's how I look at it

  23. Jumbo says:

    Hope our boi Uli will be alright and get back to normal for the tournament But Hunter as a sub was a great call!

  24. Players, caddies and spotters can and should take responsibility of keeping TD's and marshalls up to date about back-ups. As a player I have called to a TD couple of times from a teeing area about bad back-ups.

    It is very normal for people to push tasks and responsibilities to other people when they can easily solve a problem by themselves.

    Yes, marshalls can follow up from results if there is a back-up, but players, caddies and other staff can take action on this as well.

    Spotters may have a contact number as well or if there is two spotters on one hole, send one to inform if there is no other way. Quite often spotters have a channel to contact rest of the staff in case they need a break or to inform when food is available if food is ordered for staff etc.

    People have a tendency to complicate things in life. Many things can be easily solved. All that is needed is take some action.

  25. Yeah because when Tiger was dominant it was really boring to watch golf…. come on guys, not gonna call you anti-non american but if Paige or Cat would have been dominant like Paul was in 2015 you wouldn't be talking like this.

  26. Chris Strock says:

    I definitely was puzzled by the ace situation. I was a believer 💔

  27. To my favorite player in disc golf hope you get feeling better I’m hoping to see you tomorrow on coverage
    Good luck to you and Brodie

  28. Bob smith says:

    Trolling people who ace because u suck at discgolf is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 anything for views and money huh Brodie 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  29. Young Wisdom says:

    These takes on bowling are so far off. It's like Brodie talking about disc golf before he actually got into it when he was still playing pitch and putt courses.

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