3 Simple (Fitness Drills) To Prime Your Hips For Golf Rotational POWER!

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This video is about 3 Simple (Fitness Drills) To Prime Your Hips For Golf Rotational POWER!. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




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18 Replies to “3 Simple (Fitness Drills) To Prime Your Hips For Golf Rotational POWER!”

  1. Let us know what you think about these drills. IF you have any questions please leave a comment below

  2. Lisa LaMagna says:

    Thanks for sharing these drills, very good explanations.

  3. MJP1966 says:

    If I don't have the double band, is there another recommended way to do drill #1? Fantastic drills and please keep them coming! Very easy to follow. Thank You Anthony.

  4. John Creet says:

    Pretty standard exercises but nicely explained. In recent years I've come to the conclusion that having the right form for these is really important, so it was good to see the details were covered. Good video – would like to see more.

  5. A J says:

    what drill could you do it you had double hip replacement

  6. Great info, ‘its all in the hips ‘.

  7. Jason Pitts says:

    Awesome. I've been having issues getting a deep hip turn on the backswing. I will try these.

  8. Chad Michael says:

    Thanks for the tips, I struggle a little with rotation here. I unfortunately ended the season last summer with a tear in my rotary cuff and labrum while swinging the club. Almpst feel like I'm ready to go at it again soon. Any exercises that can maybe help prevent this again that you know of ?

  9. Roger Radke says:

    Awesome exercises that help my game. I also work through Anthony's program on the SGA subscription site and like the improving overall fitness, all great for my aging boomer body.

  10. Great exercise drills, looking forward to more that can help with upper body.

  11. Wheyan says:

    That third disassociation drill was awesome. I am definitely going to add that to my routine. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Rick Carr says:

    Just had hip replacement surgery, may need to discuss with surgeon prior to perform some of these

  13. Bernd Hamann says:

    Thanks from Germany for these drills

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