Right arm MAGIC MOVE! Start your swing like this! #golf #golfadvice #golftips #golftechnique

10 Replies to “Right arm MAGIC MOVE! Start your swing like this! #golf #golfadvice #golftips #golftechnique”

  1. I do this after watching your first video on it works like magic

  2. Not exactly related to this but thought it worth mentioning.
    I tried your frisbee technique and really think it is worth showing that video again.
    I’ve always known about it from you but tried it for 2 weeks now and the compression is so much more consistent so thanks.
    The thing I would say is that for me i really have to think more about keeping my back to the target more than I would with a real frizby 😊
    I find it keeps my hands ahead of the ball, the back of my hand square to the target so de-lofting the club.
    No perfect every time but most of the time 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🙏

  3. brodygoalie says:

    When you make contact. Should your club go towards 1 PM vs 12 noon? It looks like your contact is at noon???

  4. brodygoalie says:

    Is it okay to focus on the right elbow hitting your right pocket?? Please advise. Thanks. Love your vids !

  5. TOM FANTASIA says:

    Alex, I wish you would dedicate a 15-minute episode to the "Right Arm MAGIC MOVE" swing lesson. It is so important to most amateur players. We need to see this step by step from all angles.

  6. Splosh Book says:

    Cocking my wrists that early does not work for me. I like to rotate with the club a bit before I set my wrists, but I’m really disciplined about having my back arm rotated outward so I think that’s why the early rotation works for me

  7. Jdwack says:

    I’ve tried this and it works (for me)

  8. Jase says:

    This looks so simple!

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