Rory McIlroy has been accused of breaking a golf rule during the opening round of the 2023 Open Championship at Royal Liverpool and golf fans have gone mad. A LOT of golf fans are saying it is double standards and that if the same thing had happened to a LIV golfer then there would have been a lot more talk. The open 2023 and the open championship has been a brilliant one so far, but it seems like Rory McIlroy is the major talking point now! We have seen a couple of couples been accused of cheating in the past such as patrick reed, phil mickelson and now Rory McIlroy.

In this video we will go through the reaction, whether Rory McIlroy did actually cheat at the open or not, the rules for golf and then take a closer look at the bunker shot incident. Find out exactly what happened in todays breaking golf news and golf news video

Rory McIlroy does has some haters though, specifically, those that are fans of LIV Golf. The liv golf tour has been a major talking point since the liv golf pga tour merge! No professional golfer except Tiger Woods has carried more water for the PGA Tour over the last 13 months..


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  1. BACK 9 FILMS says:

    what do you think? Help me decide..

  2. I am more concerned that it takes you literally 2 minutes and 20 seconds to finally get to the point about what the rule was that was actually broken,

  3. To those who say rule is broke.
    Then prove it, the burden of proof lies with you, so explain to the point beyond all reasonable doubt Harry D intentionally and deliberately broke the ruling….

    Now should anyone give a reasonable and suitable situation that questions your proof, you loose the case just as you would in court.

    Best of luck

  4. AZ FIG says:

    I don’t think it was intentional but rules are rules. Should’ve been a penalty.

  5. CEM MEC says:

    Yes he took a stance.

  6. LabGorilla says:

    No big deal. Rory is not in the hunt anyway. Who cares.

  7. Mike Birnie says:

    Was he penalised?

  8. Would have so much quicker if you got to the point of the rule before 3 mins

  9. Super Bear says:

    The rule says "begins taking a stance" and the caddie cannot stand "on or close to an extension of the line of play". So, it does not matter if Rory was in his stance, but rather if he "began" to take his stance. I think he clearly began to take his stance, though he was fidgeting a bit, too. And, the caddie is in the line of play or "close" to it. So, it seems to me to be a clear violation (BTW< I am an "antifan" of LIV golf). Though not relevant to application of the rule, I would ask: What was the caddie doing, anyway??? Rory clearly was setting up for the shot and the caddie had no legitimate role at that point. Verdict: violation.

  10. Watched your videos regularly. What annoys me is you very rarely make a definitive comment. You’re always wanting others to comment. Stand up buddy, make a serious comment position without being fearful of offending your pro golfer buddies.

  11. Penalise the bastard. Additionally, his comments directed towards Greg Norman in past times are disgusting.

  12. Based off of what you've shown (haven't watched any yet), I would say it's a rules violation. Did they do it on purpose or try to cheat, no. But how many rules violations are done as mistakes or misinterpretation of rules?

  13. David Bundy says:

    not a penalty there was no attempt by the player to use his caddie as an allignment aid

  14. Shaun Vosloo says:

    Also he cannot speak to Rory from anywhere else, he’s not going to climb into the bunker, and he’s not going to stand behind him with a crowd making a noise trying to talk to him from behind his back.

  15. Shaun Vosloo says:

    Surely it’s the same thing that Wyndham Clark’s caddie does this for every putt.

  16. Did Jon Rham loose his Kool and tell a cameraman to get that daumm Microphone outta his rear end.

  17. mike d. says:

    NO cheating at all. 1. the camera angle makes it look like the caddie is standing directly behind him, he is NOT he is off to Rorys left by at least 3 ft in other words 3 ft left of Rorys left shoulder. I am a pro photographer and this is easy to see if you know what to look for. 2. When Rory actually took his real stance the caddie could have been off having a beer he was NOWHERE in sight. SO NO CHEATING PERIOD. This video was much ado about nothing as are most of the Back 9 Films are. Why are there so many arm chair rules officials out there when 99% have 20 handicaps.

  18. The caddie is obviously NOT directly behind the line of execution… You can pause the video and draw a line from the caddie to the pin and it doesn't intersect with Rory's club or where the ball lies…

  19. The rules should be amended to include "final address", meaning the address with which the ball is struck. When a player's standard footing is impeded by an obstruction such as a bunker's edge, a trial address should be allowed and not counted as the beginning of the final address. The rule nitpicking is petty, but it's a rule and until the rule is amended I say it was an infraction IF the address starts at any trial attempt of addressing the ball. Sorry Rory. Good thing I'm not a rules official.

  20. Who cares anyway…he's gone another year without a major win ..some playing by Mr Harman…his grandad butch must be proud 😂

  21. Once again we have a problem that could be solved by making the the players perform without assistance from their caddie.

  22. James says:

    Why did the caddy walk up to Rory? ? ? Rory then adjusted his line. Duh????

  23. John Mathia says:

    pedantic, but then you have to provide content even if it is rubbish.

  24. munnjean says:

    Actually Rory McIlroy HAS NOT ,,,, repeat ,, HAS NOT BEAN ACCUSED OF BREAKING ANY RULE AT ALL. Absolutely outrageous to compare this non issue against what Reed has done ( or is doing ). There is no more honorable professional golfer walking the fairways than Rory McIlroy. If there had been a rules infraction McIlroy would have been the first to bring it up not these opinionated LIV fans !! Alex Elliot, PLEASE ,, DISTANCE YOURSELF FROM THIS CRAP.

  25. Carlos says:

    So no adjustment is allowed after your initial stance? I don’t see a problem here.

  26. "…..Knowingly ever break the rules?". He makes up the rules and the authorities bow to his wants.

  27. Dirk Andreas says:

    Couple points : 1) when checking whether the caddie was on the line of the shot it assumes Rory was hitting straight at the hole; the only reason we are evaluating video is it’s because it’s Rory and he’s on camera; do we know if the caddie said anything?

  28. Milton says:

    After a second look he wasn't even on the line of the ball to the hole and Rory was playing it further to the right wich makes the caddie further from the extended line of play

  29. Milton says:

    Much to do about nothing. What if anything did the caddie say to him?

  30. Vikram Singh says:

    Well, the purpose of bunker is to introduce difficulty.
    And purpose of the ruling is to ensure the caddy doesn’t interfere once the player has taken a stance.
    Knowingly or unknowingly, it is a mistake.

  31. Vikram Singh says:

    Your reading skills are a treat !

  32. Chris Lewis says:

    It looked to me like Rory's caddie helped him align whilst Rory was over the ball. That is a penalty. I don't think he thought there was anything wrong in that but the rule seems pretty clear.

  33. Remnants100 says:

    "If Patrick Reed had done this, it would have gone absolutely viral" – which is exactly what you are hoping for despite your protestations to the contrary.

  34. Remnants100 says:

    You need to get a life.

  35. oli scott says:

    rory did not cheat…next question

  36. Never played a round where someone has not cheated .
    If that is the rule Penalty,
    Rory is PGA golden boy

  37. Mark Allsopp says:

    Common sense i dont think he was trying to gain any advantage lets move on

  38. Pat Hn says:

    He was checking if the stance would work.

  39. “ tis a tale told by a idiot full of wind and fury signifying nothing…” get over yourselves, LIV isn’t spoiling golf, you are.

  40. Ken Yap says:

    Double std indeed, just have to review the incident with Li Hao Tong few years back on the putting green who was given a penalty and lost his 2nd place prize due to such a rule. Didn't hear as much favourable argument for LHT then as here for Rory.

  41. Tony G says:

    All i would say is faldo & fanny it was never an issue back then😤

  42. Eric Grant says:

    I hear what you are saying but surely if there was NO communication between the two resulting in a change of stance there is no penalty.

  43. matt smith says:

    Storm in a teacup, caddy doing his job

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