You might be breaking the unwritten rules of Fallout 76 2023 and be unaware are you one of them?

Hey everyone and welcome to PART two of another Fallout 76 2023 video. In this video, we are going to talk about 7 unwritten rules that you might be breaking in Fallout 76.

This video is designed to talk about some of the Fallout 76 etiquettes that some players break. Like I say in this video my idea of this video is not to tell you how to play the game, however in fallout 76 2023 some people do these small annoying things that cause players problems like at the Fallout 76 players vendors or at the Fallout 76 radiation rumble event.

You can treat this video as a fallout 76 beginners guide as most people who are lower level or new to the game might break the unwritten fallout 76 etiquette. You might even count this fallout 76 tips video instead, but if you are looking at for the fo76 etiquette or the fallout 76 unwritten rules then you need to look no further.

The idea of this video is to help make yourself a better player for the Fallout 76 community.

I also mention the person in Reddit so please show your appreciation to U/ReverendMothman who told me about the overpriced vendor thing

Also if you are interested in the one violent night tips:

If you have found this video interesting then please check out my other Fallout 76 playlists on the channel page


47 Replies to “You might be breaking the unwritten rules of Fallout 76 2023 and be unaware are you one of them?”

  1. SOGAUAAA says:

    So don't camp rad rumble so the people who camp rad rumble with Tesla rifles and explosive can can get all the exp. Yeah. No.

  2. Abe Pealer says:

    When I find a camp vendor that is overpriced I drop a "Your the Dumbass" note ๐Ÿ˜‚

    You can get them from the Sludge Works down in the Ash Heap

  3. matt oink says:

    Nice to know someone else uses the scope on their could shoulder. I thought I was the only one ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. I only use explosive weapons and the odd plasma caster now and then. but for rad rumble I use an explosive shotgun with enforcer and grenadier. not gonna kill anything but it's splash will tag most if not everything as well as slow the ghouls down.

  5. xtinctx says:

    I know a guy and his team that searched that high priced traders and dropped a nuke on em๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Rule #1 stop telling everyone how you want them to play ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป

  7. Ive broken all of these rules and will continue to do so, however, i will wait for you to finish browsing my vendor before i log out ๐Ÿ˜…

  8. in my camp , the only thing i lock is the ammo collector , i do that so if someone stops buy they can get food and water , just being nice

  9. John Ottaway says:

    Your rule for Scorched Earth is part of what's wrong with the way people do it

    Firstly, it's not just about killing her as fast as you can. When she's on the ground, she drops spawns of enemies, killing them gives you more XP, so keep her on the ground (no grenades, no nuka launchers, explosions make her take off) and only occasionally shoot her (ideally just a mini gun but no OP plasma weapons), then turn and shoot her spawn. The longer she's alive the more spawn, the more XP

    Secondly, it is also about picking flux, the place most people launch is dumb, it puts half the nuke zone off the map and misses out on hundreds of flux. The person on your video knows exactly what they're doing, if anything, place it further north

    Now imagine all of that, but fighting IN the nuke zone, that means as well as all the XP you get, every enemy is dropping flux ingredients… we do this on a private server, keep her alive for as close to 30 mins as possible, go up 3 or 4 levels and collect 50+ EACH of glowing mass, hardened mass and high radiation fluids. Plus a page of legendary weapons. We have so many ingredients we regularly just leave hundreds on the world because we can't use it all, even after picking and making 20-30 crimson and violet flux each time, because we'll launch 2 or 3 times (much more fun than going WestTek)

    Your own video confirmed the higher level enemies at Radiation Rumble the more ore you put in. Just as you said it, a Deathclaw appeared, that only happens with the ore going in. Same with Floaters and Snallygasters

    And another place not to camp is Eviction Notice. Get away from the enemy spawn points and get down into the middle, you will get more XP AND far more legendaries. You have to be in range of the body to be ale to loot it, so if you're at a spawn point at one end of the event, you won't be able to loot at the other. And ffs, destory the meatbags and fix the rad scrubber when it goes down. I swear people dont even understand the event, despite the instructions on the screen. Stop letting other players carry you through events

    (Moan over, great vid)

  10. Mark Taboada says:

    I got a fixer plan for only 140 caps. I was so surprised.

  11. FX KIROE says:

    Here is a rule, its fallout, I am trying to survive, so I am robbing you if you accidently shoot me after an event. Give me that loot!

  12. ruben perez says:

    I would rather that. Cause everyone letting em die in radiation rumble

  13. And I personally use Friendly Fire during Radiation Rumble so I can heal the NPC's so the event don't fail and people get less xp. If you are a heavy gunner, bring a flamer and use the perk. Seen it fail to many times due to that, which is why I got the perk in the first place.

  14. AReyeP666 says:

    Good unwritten rules – I didn't realise hogging the alleyways in rad rumble was akin to camping – I do that sometimes, so will bear this in mind in future. Bear in mind also these rules are for players who want to play positively towards others (which most of the FO community do), and oddly enough I get a lot more fun out of helping other players, and it's one of the things I love about the game as it isn't encouraging that "I'm better than you" playstyle that so many games do. But it pays to take into account there are some players who will play otherwise – it doesn't really bother me too much as that's part of the variety of it all. At least FO76 makes it pretty difficult to be griefed by others if you play in passive mode (just be wary when claiming workshops lol).

  15. When it comes to cliffside bases in general, move your camp unit a safe amount of way from the ledge, as the spawn location is tied to the camp kit. Noting is more fun than having to fast travel 3-4 times just to not be at the bottom of the cliff with no way up.

  16. Only two out of seven worth mentioning.

  17. MadMayMason says:

    I put every item in my vendor to 30 caps and I had someone moan about me putting them too cheap ๐Ÿคฃ

  18. Luke Dudley says:

    My big rule is if you join a daily op team be ready to do the daily op and help the team…don't just sit in your camp letting the others do the work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. John Doe says:

    The problem with Radiation Rumble is that whenever me or someone else decides to gather ore the players don't protect the NPCs at all and just let them die. I've said this numerous times Bethesda needs to add a vote to kick feature so that annoying players get kicked from lobbies. Same shit with Project Paradise some people just stand around and don't gather the required items or just don't protect the animals. Another annoying thing is when a player decided to activate the event before more players can join. An in game chat feature would be nice as well for those without a mic.

  20. John Russell says:

    I sell everything cheap constant sales at my camp !!!!

  21. Sometimes, when Im feeling less more defensive than combat, I'll stand on top of the jukebox for repairs and any time someone comes over to it, I pull out my thirst zapper and start spraying like "Back off!" lol

  22. Justin Cary says:

    I sit at the end of the tunnel on rad rumble if there are people using explosives like the grenade launcher or fatman. I do this cause it's the only way I can get some tags on the enemies.

  23. Dark Mugetsu says:

    I find Explosives in Radiation Rumble a conditional circumstance. If you have the server there all high level and able to melt ghouls with regular guns don't use explosive weapons. If you barely have enough players and/or everyone is too weak and ghouls are getting through and rapidly killing the defense objectives. Then let it rip nuke everything with the Nuka Launcher!

  24. Explosive use in F)76 . So you want to remove the Demolition expert build . Make it easier for us , Tell us what you want us to play ..

  25. Keith Craig says:

    One of my unwritten rules is that you don't have to single handedly kill everything at an event.

    This is similar to the people lobbing explosives and choking spawn points like you described in the video.

    You know who I'm talking about and you know who you are if I'm talking about you. It's that guy who simply has to insta-kill as many enemies as fast as he can so that he can maximize his xp gain. Meanwhile, he's robbing other players of their xp's. Get two or three of these guys in an event, especially an indoors event, and you might as well go order a pizza because the chances of you getting anything other than the completion rewards are slim to none.

    All you have to do is tag an enemy to get the xp, you don't have to kill it. And everyone who tags the enemy also gets xp for the kill. I'll go into an event with a single shot fixer and hit a target one or two times and move on to the next target. This way I get my xp and so do other players.

    Like he man said, sharing is caring.

  26. S K says:

    Sorry but nuking to leave drop site v9 is not as optimal for flux farming as leaving forward station delta. The person in your video has it right. You get way more flux nuking above forward station delta.

  27. Kenzie Dayne says:

    Sounds more like Pet Peeves than unwritten rules. I had no idea others might be bothered by my explosive Railway Rifle. After all, every event I go to people are blowing things up left and right. Since it's the only build n weapon I play with I don't plan on changing it.

  28. the Rocker says:

    For Rad rumble im affraid people dont get it aswell as some orher events , another thing is if there is like 6 people with fixers i have nothing to do as a heavy gunner … GIVE PEOPLE A CHANCE its not COD

  29. Geo Psa says:

    The community box is a good idea, the blue suitcase story changes with different players, the nuke location advice is needed. Nuking the centre of the map gives excellent rewards, every underground mutant becomes irradiated and drops heaps of loot but is now limited because itโ€™s going to be fixed soon. Fallout 1st should be used by those who canโ€™t get the point that this is geared for multiplayer events.
    Nice workโ€ฆ.

  30. john hoover says:

    Pipe is Life I get excited everytime I find this one lol.

  31. Spacetrucker says:

    Rad Rumble, stay in the center and tag baddies no explosions, the would would be a merry old place if everyone used the tesla rifle, put a 1 star quad and change it to an automatic fun for all, this would work for moonshine also, tesla not as useful (dmg wise) and eviction notice no explosions, and do not stand where the mutants spawn, tesla not useful at all , UM the deadly night one ..( the one you play music to wake the wendigo) stay inside the main building and tag them at doorways, dont stand on the roof and spam nukes/explosions. Think that covers most of the exp events. athough you could say eviction notices is more for legendarys, love your videos, someone needs to release vidoes about Rad rumble every day to wake'em all up

  32. Odarnet says:

    I going to play the game the way I want and do what I want… even bethesda said i could be ruthless raider…
    My level of decency is up to me and if something I do gets your panties in twist, suck it up. I have 4 characters and play each one with different outlook and personality….

  33. Ahhh yes. Rad Rumble is the only place I get 2 use my 2Shot fatman. Soooo, ima just keep using it. I dont need the xp or the loot, nor a desire to troll anybody. I just wanna use the odviously fun weapon that happens to be useful at that 1 event.

  34. Trish says:

    A lot of my unwritten rules have already been covered by you. I've fallen to my death because of players exiting the game while I was shopping at their vendors. Another place I like to leave things for newer players is the Overseers cache by the Wayward. Also, because my camp is next to the Wayward, I seldom try to sell anything for more than 5 caps. The only things I have that cost more than that are Perfectly Preserved Pies because I worked hard to earn those! ๐Ÿ˜

  35. i'll track down a way overpriced vendor owner, do the gift emoji, and take forever in my pipboy, and drop just a propaganda flyer.

    sometimes they get super mad. lol

  36. wurst child says:

    So is that eat a steaming plate of shit lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚

  37. Lucky-Six says:

    heres a rule for you…dont build a bloody camp at charleston station, it can stop the random spawn where the travelling vendor bot spawns in opposite the station (also a spawn at the bridge at the top of the hill…if you dont know, run over the bridges only have to go as far as the floor changes colour then come back wait for the spawns

  38. Morp says:

    i have bowl on vendor for 420 caps, oil for 69. and 696969 treasure maps

  39. Nice to see Putin in his undies

  40. bossman says:

    yes most of what you're saying i believe as will. You get some players love stuffing events up for everybody it a game for all to have fun so pleases play nice you all.๐Ÿ˜Žโค๐Ÿ‘

  41. - zzenigma says:

    People piss me off, or i run into a trap camp. I just nuke them. That's my unwritten rule. And you can find me in the waist lands

  42. Tigs2 says:

    Alsoโ€ฆ. I am a bit of a noob. I go to a player vendors camp yesterday, with the signs pointing me to the shop. There is an orange laser door with the shop behind it. It has a lock on. I think oh! Must be a player challenge. I open said lock to use the shop ( and do) to find i am now wanted!! Within 2 mins a player is in my small base to execute me. I just stood there and let him. Lost all my junk as the โ€˜executionerโ€™ took it. The player vendor is a ball bag.

  43. Teleporting to camps should be free, I hate it when I get there and the person no sooner than I land yanks it up. Yep a waste of caps there. One Violent Night would be great if people would just play the instruments. I can recall several times I get there and yea most of them there are below level 200, but at the least play an instrument. I always just go and play the banjo by the one pillar, I feel I am giving the lower levels a fair chance to get the kills, but if to many are there it takes forever for it to raise the time, Camping at Radiation Rumble, yet those who bring a fatman or a grenade launcher are not better. As for vendor prices, if you find my camp all my vendor items are marked for 0-caps. I have what I need. I just rather help others, but to have someone that is a seller come in and take all the items I have just to turn around and put a price ridiculous price is uncalled for. Yea I know there will be a donation box soon for new players by vault 76, but I also think they need to put a level limit on it. Since I recall hearing about several higher level players taking from it. Plus I also think that if you place a vendor in your camp, it should also stop you from building traps. I see so many lure camps having all kinds of stuff only to be a trap camp to kill players and take there stuff. Excellent Rules though. and nice vid. I have been playing since beta and been through a lot of the good and bad, yet here recently has went to the bad again

  44. Tigs2 says:

    Good vid. Only yesterday i was on someones cliffside camp and the next thing i know i am falling to my death as the camp disappears ๐Ÿ™ˆ. I also stand in some events trying to get xp and its just huge explosion after another. I have been to events where i literally could not get a single shot in on any enemy at all.

  45. Mark Spencer says:

    My garage camp is by the sutton sign, which has a random spawn in it. One time the pipe spawned. Awesome sauce.

  46. fnhb tacos says:

    If u don't like my then u should nuke๐Ÿ˜‚

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