Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: Real Day in the life review!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6:
$299. Health tracking. Stress tracking. But one flaw. is it worth it? Here’s a real world review:) Was very energizing making this one!

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31 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: Real Day in the life review!”

  1. Also! I want to clarify my comment on Zone 5 health – there’s mixed opinions on if it’s a good zone to be in. I think the expert recommended opinion is to be in it for short bursts if at all, but I would consult your personal workout plan:)

    Put my heart into this edit
    Hope u like this video and find it valuable!!:))

    Next up – Fold 5!:)

  2. I thought the watch had “sleep animals”. That guide on how to improve sleep.

  3. LEI'OH says:

    is this a smaller version??

  4. Matt Terrell says:

    Battery life sucks. Huawei GT's can get 7 or 8 days before charging and that's with it on sleep tracking each night.

  5. KNMK259 says:

    I went and saw your first video, Rode NT-USB condensor microphone unboxing; first impressions and audio test. Your explanation is just amazing, and hand gestures.

  6. This video saved me money. Thanks, truly. As i thought the new processor fixed the lag in the watch, it was unbarable in all the previous ones.

  7. Is this the 44mm or the smaller one?

  8. Sheb J,jeje says:

    It takes 3 days for the battery to learn your usage patterns… After that period , the watch's battery life matches Samsungs claims 😊

  9. says:

    Great video very informative, kinda short tho, but still loved it

  10. Mike R says:

    Was this the 40mm or 44mm? Would be good to know as the battery size are slightly different, but also I want to buy but not sure which size to go for so using your wrist as a guide lol

  11. NOTE: Galaxy Watch 6 Classic LTE – OVERHEATS – same problem as in 4 and 5 – SAMSUNG DID NOT FIX THIS PROBLEM! I'm returning it because it's another failed Samsung product!

  12. Stievodevivo says:

    Like always good and informative review ❤❤❤

  13. DronyLand says:

    I just bought the Google Pixel watch, and after a few days of trying it, I think I am going to return it and get a Samsung watch 6 classic instead. I had a Gear 3 before, and was really happy with it, before to try that Pixel one.

    Nice informative video non the less 🙂

  14. My hands on… Received the watch yesterday at around 11 am. Charged it to full and by 9 pm it was around 50%. Charged it to full and went to bed at 12 and after 7 hours it's down to 75%. Not a watch you can relay on the battery to last anything more than 24 hours

  15. Rob H says:

    Wow! Such a great video! Your intro was ❤‍🔥and I love how you transitioned it straight to you laying in bed. That was sick! I love how you just unpacked so much information in 4 minutes making it fun and engaging but not wasting anyone's time either! Is this the one you edited on the plane? You are a workaholic haha. I've never owned a smart watch and sometimes I wonder if I would like one or not. I wish they had better battery life but I guess only Apple watches do right now? Do you wear a watch daily or not really? Like the other person said, I too thought you completely changed your hair cut when I first saw the thumbnail haha! After all these years of watching you I could NEVER picture you without long hair! This video was exquisite! Keep up the good work.

  16. Thanks alot for doing such an amazing and informative video like this.
    I've been searching for Watch 6 review vids, yet only saw Watch 6 Classic reviews/intro. Probably it's because people are interested in the comeback of the bezel. Your video just hit me so right in a sense that "what would we do with the health data/issues".

  17. iphunkz says:

    Is it 40 or 44mm watch 6?

  18. sk says:

    Thank you for the review and the effort, but please forgive me that I would like to give some feedback. This review was very inconsistent and unorderly. You said you are a girl that likes data, and that's great, I like data too, so but then I was disappointed how chaotic your approach was to the battery test. You charged in the evening, then slept with it, then charged "a bit more", no exact data on how many minutes, from which exact to which exact percentage. Then you showed in details part of the day, and then huge gam and straight to the next day. You said it sat on your wrist, but was the Always On Display active, how often was your heart rate measured, were WiFi and GPS on, sooooo many variables that you didn't take into account, so that makes it extremely hard for us to assess any meaningful conclusions because of the chaotic lack of data. Please in the future when you do such battery tests, please, please be as detailed as possible, and please, please be as consistent as possible. It is very strange to make a battery test and then top up in the middle of the test. Please charge it to a 100% and then start using it and document in details how it's depleting until it goes to 0%, so that we can make an actual assessment of the battery. Please include many setting, which were On, which were Off and so on. The best and most informative test would be to charge it to 100%, and then go to sleep, then show the percentage when you wake up. Then from then on, write the percentage of every round hour, so that we can see how much battery drops every hour with different activities. For example, you go to the gym between 10am and 11am, and we see that at the end of this hour it dropped 11%, then from 11am to 12pm you sit at your desk on the computer, and we see that at 12pm it lost only 4%. So that would be super useful, to tell us hour by hour more or less what you did with it and how much battery it lost. And it would be most effective if you have already worn this watch for at least a few days before that, so that it can calibrate at least 3-4 full cycles. Please, try to see my feedback as well-meaning, and please try to implement much more consistent orderly data in your next reviews, especially if you say you are someone who likes data. Thank you!

  19. Hector G. says:

    Silly girl, thinking they are collecting your health data to help you improve it…😅😅😅

  20. Video and Audio quality are awful for 2023 tech channel.

  21. Jordan says:

    😂 here I am 32-33 hours later and the batteries at 39% still… so probably a 35-45 hour battery life on a smartwatch with some of the most advanced tech in a watch as well as with one of the largest watch screens ever on a smartwatch… id definitely say for what it is that is not by any means mediocre… 😂

  22. If you turn off a lot of the auto tracking and just leave walk on you'll save so much battery I'm talking about five six hours it's a known thing but every Galaxy watch

  23. Hi does it come with google assistant

  24. S_TV_KW says:

    is it have heart rate on display face ( real time) same Fitbit and Garmin or i need to open app to see my heart rate ???

  25. Murat Yaşar says:

    What size watch you tested ? 40mm or 44mm ?

  26. The watch does tell you how to better your sleep and your stress. Turn on sleep coaching and it gives you # of standard things, but eventually learns what you've been lacking in and gives specific tips, like meditating in the evening more, or getting in enough steps a day. Deep sleep=physical recovery so to improve that be more active so your body has recover to do.
    It also gives a sleep range of being in bed from 8-9 hours as a goal to imporove sleep overall.
    For stress, the watch directly tells you to take deep breaths to slow down your mind and body and stay present–one of the best things you can do for near-instant stress replief.

  27. Amazing video Jacklyn! I'm looking forward to my watch coming in a few days 🙂 Thank you for all the insights and the real-world use! I love the day in the life vids.

  28. Apple watch 8 vs watch 6 please ❤

  29. Indian youtuber ka watch 6 unboxing k liye wait kar raha hu ❤😅

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