Expensive Golf Brands Have A HUGE PROBLEM With These NEW CLUBS!

These AMAZING Golf Clubs PROVE Golf CAN BE CHEAPER For YOU! The BIG GOLF BRANDS Are WORRIED About These Affordable Clubs!


45 Replies to “Expensive Golf Brands Have A HUGE PROBLEM With These NEW CLUBS!”

  1. T says:

    The way a club looks or sounds is something I don’t pay much attention to…the bottom line is does it work for me. That’s really all I care about..👍🏼👍🏼

  2. Can you explain to us watched loft degrees mean in comparison to a standard pitching wedge and sand wedge that come in a set, please?

  3. Love these and genuinely looked at putting them in the bag this year, the 101’s. Trouble is, when you factor in shipping, vat and import tax, the financials just don’t work. Shame there is no UK distribution, I know I’d sell them.

  4. Just bought a beat out vokey for $30 to have a low bounce wedge for hard sand/clay. It has a mid grip (I play standard) and if it had a finish then it’s gone and partially rusted. Played 5 rounds with it and have yet to not get out of the bunker in 1 🤷🏼😂. Maybe the key is to buy old stuff with no expectations and you’ll loosen up and hit the ball better

  5. Kevin Pogue says:

    I’m starting to believe every post you make starts with “huge problem”, “honest truth” , “something they dont want you to know about” . Do me favor and just tell us what the post is about. Because I’m starting to lose faith in you with all these “Huge Problem” post that we come to find it’s not a problem but just a regular review!

  6. I think the 101t pw loft is 46° and the wedge options are 52 56 and 60. Is the 6° gap fine then 4° between the wedges. I use 50, 54, 58 to keep it an even 4°

  7. Will Pharr says:

    Shaft selection is dreadful…and there’s the import tax.

  8. Mike Perks says:

    Excellent review – look quality – any chance if a giveaway?

  9. Chukkie says:

    Thank you for the review. Love your stuff. For openness was this an ad?

  10. Rather buy full set of 3 wedges of jaws or vokey second hand cheaper than 2 of those

  11. Victor says:

    Terrible audio boys

  12. Very nice looking wedges from Takomo and very well demonstrated

  13. Mark K says:

    I have looked at these…only issue I have is they don't offer the lofts I like…i.e. no 50 or 54 🙁

  14. Roy Close says:

    Well done James 👏 😊

  15. johnny b says:

    I live in SoCal and play a few times a week. I play solo a lot and have yet to see anyone on the range or in my random groups playing these direct to consumer brands. I don't think the major brands are too worried based on never seeing them in the wild.

  16. Literally just got mine yesterday. They absolutely rip. Feel great, look great, hit great

  17. RickyBobby86 says:

    I think sub 70 has better customer service and quality for a similar price. Takomo has a bad reputation for taking money and not delivering clubs

  18. Jack Vliet says:

    If they could get you a good ETA on a ship date then it might be worth it

  19. Paul F says:

    I believe Takomo are one of the best economical golf club options for quality made clubs. The only downside is wait time for an order. Customer service is exceptional at the very highest rating of all online retailers! Performance is exceptional, Chris and you have demonstrated equal with the double or triple priced big name golf club companies! It's a win win for customers!

  20. Mark Harsley says:

    Still no SUB70 reviews,great clubs for the price!

  21. New Level Golf James. A must vid please. Great work as always

  22. Takomos are super nice and a more expensive driver does not go further so a vessel bag? Fancy headcovers?

  23. Ed Lo says:

    I play diamond tour 52,56,60 wedges which can be bought on monark golf for 12bucks a head and they are just as good as any of the big name brands.

  24. Have you reached your next target on viewers?

  25. Tacoma 101’s and some sky forgers.. sounds like a good and complete iron set.

  26. VK says:

    I’ve had the 56 degree Skyforger wedge for just over a month and really liking it. Did take a while longer to arrive but was expecting that. Shipping costs to here in the UK was USD 20 so total cost USD 109 but you’d struggle to get something similar for anywhere near the GBP 85 equivalent cost in my view.

  27. James Snyder says:

    I know you said they perform well, but how do they stack up against Vokey wedges? Or even the Costco wedges that are even cheaper?

  28. Craig Seaver says:

    Did you find any issue aligning the club with your target? I would think a straight edge would be a bit easier than a rounded edge.

  29. You need to look at the Haywood MB, I'm telling you. Best looking, best feeling clubs out there. Might be the same as the Takomo 301 MB, but I haven't seen them.

  30. Ian Bennett says:

    What about Caley clubs in comparison to the Takomo?

  31. I bought the 60° Wilson Harmonized about 2 years ago and I was satisfied then I got a 56° and 52° from Decathlon all of which costed around 30€ to 40€ a piece. I have been satisfied with them. So I could imagine that the Takomo's are just as nice or even better!! I could also see myself using only the Wilson's but back then the were out of the 52 and 56!! Nice review fro you and Chris!!🏌‍♂⛳

  32. I pick clubs by how they perform for me not by the shiny name, it’s better for my game and my pocket 👍.

  33. Gain on you mic is peaking

  34. James, thank you for bringing more affordable options into the discussions. Your videos are well done, information well delivered and all this for free to your audience. Remember this……you can’t please everyone all the time. You give us MSRP for the clubs. I don’t think it’s your responsibility to offer a “take home price” for everyone around the world. Give us the retail price and WE as consumers can figure out the rest.
    Job well done!

  35. Vincent Golf says:

    depending to the destination (country), the shipping costs, import taxes and local VAT made those wedges sometimes more expensive than well known brands…

  36. David Bowe says:

    Your the best, James, and I've never missed a day of watching your videos. Your my favorite youtuber, but Tacomo needs to get in the stores. Maybe its just me, but i wont buy a club unless i see and swing them first. That being said if tomorrows video is about Tacomo ill still watch and like!

  37. Jeff Nahass says:

    I like what is coming out of Finland.

  38. If they work, what do looks have to do with it? Not all sportsmen/women are picture box beauties

  39. 2cents worth says:

    Can you compare them with new Kirkland wedge’s?

  40. Hunter says:

    Since I use the Cobra RF MB copper, I can get away with using only a 56 wedge, which is the TM hi-toe. That wedge is super versatile. I saw a video of Phil Mickelson teaching this wedge shot using the toe. That shot completely transformed my wedge play. But you need a wedge that has grooves all over the face to do it.
    As for Takomo, I tried to order some irons from them, and you never know when you’re actually going to get them. They need to fix that issue in order to step up their company. I ended up canceling the order.

  41. Mo Moghal says:

    Only 2mins in, you've mentioned price – but YET AGAIN failed to mention the import tax on them. Once you factor that in, they're not so cheap any more.

  42. Peter Jones says:

    Hi James I discovered a set of golf clubs from Mizuno LCD with Dyna shafts from 2009 and for some bizarre they suit me down to the ground

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