Scottie Scheffler's 3-Wood Session Behind The Scenes | TaylorMade Golf

Team TaylorMade’s Scottie Scheffler is on-range at the Genesis Scottish Open testing out his TaylorMade Stealth 2 3-wood with our reps. He needs to make sure to get the spin and launch angle in exactly the right spot for optimal performance and our rep Adrian Rietveld runs back to the TaylorMade Tour Truck to get it dialed for him by bending it and adjusting for loft and lie.


9 Replies to “Scottie Scheffler's 3-Wood Session Behind The Scenes | TaylorMade Golf”

  1. Zach Polin says:

    Excellent behind the scenes footage! Thanks TM

  2. What is the first machine/tool used to change the loft? I am guessing that the club does not have an adjustable hozzle.

  3. Greg Pace says:

    I'm curious on a bonded head like this 3 wood when you adjust the loft why would that impact the face angle?

  4. Quake says:

    imagine being so consistent with your distances that you can change the loft by a quarter degree to produce the exact yardage you're looking for.. scottie is crazy good

  5. Jesper H says:

    Joost spotted!

  6. Nik says:

    more of this stuff! love seeing the pros get legit fitted

  7. Regie Rieder says:

    Great video, kudos to this Gentleman for the passion he brings to his work to get Scottie dialed in. Much Respect!

  8. .this is so much better without Trottie

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