Simon Lines Only Disc Golf Challenge

Hunter, Trevor, and Konner play a round of disc golf only taking the Simon lines!
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29 Replies to “Simon Lines Only Disc Golf Challenge”

  1. miggy says:

    Very cool 🎉

  2. Alex Schmidt says:

    Hole 3 and Konnor with the Simon line for the up shot. Gotta respect it

  3. Ryan Doherty says:

    Hunters hat is not on the store. I want the logo on a hat that isn’t a trucker or dad hat. is it the performance dad hat?

  4. I will say this. The evolution of Konner is one for the books. He started off so quiet you had no idea he was there. The quiet one. Thsn he started speaking and making this channel even more fun to watch. Even to just listen to while doing dishes. Now having him on almost every challenge makes me more happy. Good for you kon man. Heck yeah

  5. Fairway Life says:

    Trevor you should try the moose knuckle grip for grenades. Works sooo good.

  6. Conner lost on purpose to make hunter happy

  7. vicccey 1 says:

    Nice to see this come up…..could stand to hear the whole did you see what Gannon did! Yeah, the exact same thing every professional with a big arm and some guts did before him

  8. Jake wolf challenge, tomahawks thumbers and forehands outside of circle 2.

  9. paulebell says:

    Ace lines are also Simon lines, that’s nothing new 🤷‍♂️

  10. Trey Garza says:

    What orange putters is Hunter using??

  11. kRAUZber says:

    Hunter is starting to smash, jeebus.

  12. Why wasn't Konner getting gassed up for the throw in?! That was legit

  13. Good round Silas 😁😂😂😂

  14. When Simon was on the live stream yesterday, I thought this video into existence. 🦠

  15. derp derpin says:

    Y'all need to get Simon on the channel.

  16. I know you’re not, but it looks like you’re playing at Jonesboro, Disc Side Of Heaven.

  17. We gotta get Sylas a stabilizer or Konner gotta work on teaching him cameraman skills

  18. 18:55 That noone did the 360 on that big shot

  19. Runte says:

    2023 When Simon's no longer throwing Simon lines, someone else will. Nice job.

  20. Cory's World says:

    "im just throwin what seems like fun, remember he didnt used to win"
    Thats the spirit of the challenge right there lol.
    he dont even care

  21. Bishy Rascal says:

    After kcwo this should be called gannon lines.

  22. H K says:

    Konner, the color grading recently is a bit crazy.

  23. J.H. says:

    Gonna be honest with you boys. Connor is a bit too green for me. Been watching for ages. Connor needs to grow his testicles.

  24. Simon lines also include glitch and throwing putters far.

  25. ekaj13 _ says:

    Trevor got that bloodlust buff

  26. Ben Prange says:

    Please try out Even vs. Odd disc speeds!!!!!!

  27. Bobby Bobman says:

    Simon lines, basically taking the longest possible path to a hole.

  28. Isaiah Downs says:

    "I always almost hit rodents on this channel" -Trevor

  29. I never thought I could hate someone for throwing plastic until watched you throw that april fools firebird..😢

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