Somali sprinter’s ‘embarrassing’ 22 second 100m draws government apology

A Somali sprinter’s ’embarrassing’ 22-second 100m run has drawn a government apology after her performance sparked an online backlash.

Nasra Abubakar Ali’s showing at a university games competition in the Chinese city of Chengdu saw her finish some 10 seconds behind the race’s winner, who recorded a time of 11.58 seconds.

Footage of the race showed Ms Abubakar Ali being left behind by competitors almost as soon as the starting gun was fired.

Within six seconds, she was trailing to such an extent that she disappeared from the camera frame as the other athletes – led by a Brazilian contestant – sprinted towards the finish line.

As the competitors caught their breath, Ms Abubakar Ali appeared to jog the final few metres, before giving a cheerful skip as she crossed the line after 21.81 seconds.

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37 Replies to “Somali sprinter’s ‘embarrassing’ 22 second 100m draws government apology”

  1. Ciaran says:

    I have to say, I'm an over weight, 40 year old man and I could easily do the 100m sprint in less than 20 seconds straight off the sofa and if I had 6-8 weeks training I could do it in less than 15 seconds

  2. Now it doesn't come as a surprise that Somalia has produced Ilhan Omar, the epitome of lies, deceit n corruption….it kinda feels like its inbuilt into their society or something..

  3. this put into perspective how the youngs nowadays believe they can be anything at minimum effort, sure they can be anything but just be ready to be a laughing stock at it

  4. the somalian girl actually won. look at the views

  5. phsntzm says:

    i do feel bad for Abukar Ali and how everyone has been absolutely flaming her rn. but the way i see it, it’s the aunts fault for letting this even slide and she probably didn’t have a choice but to say yes to the offer (if there even was one)

  6. The fastest classmate in my class could do better then her 💀

  7. DakotaStorms says:

    😂😂😂 I love the confidence

  8. Bill Wang says:

    She ain't even dressed like was about to run

  9. Dewayne71 says:

    The “Greatest Skip of ALL TIME!!! 😂😂😂

  10. Bravo Somali. F*ck sports industry!

  11. Sorry for the government and its community, it is kind of nepotism we are terribly sorry.

  12. FathelaKe says:

    It is the thought that counts

  13. Demon King says:

    Alr thats enough laughing for today😅😅😅😅

  14. After watching this, i feel i can be whatever i want to be! I ll get my aunt to give me a work as a doctor now.

  15. Treps Techs says:

    Both her and her aunt should be hold accoutable, like she should be banned from all competitions world wide and her aunt should be removed from any political positions shes holding.

  16. She just skips across the finish line as if she didn't humiliate an ENTIRE COUNTRY

  17. Ibrahim says:

    She has a dream to get into the world record books
    She probably did

  18. DudeDad says:


  19. That is definitely not a runner and kinda looks preg

  20. Alreadyfine says:


  21. Seif Alba says:

    Excellent pirates but awful sprinters

  22. anne tjie says:

    hey .. apa yg terjadi padamu
    kamu seperti sangat tidak bersemangat 😵

  23. Mike says:

    I will use this video as a brilliant illustration of the word "nepotism" to my daughter. That said, I agree with some of the comments that actually it is fascinating to see the performance of professional athletes in context of normal folk.

  24. She got a champion's hart atleast, cometing and completing is what matters most for her 😅

  25. Pike says:

    Recommendation and nepotism in sports? 😂 Might work within your country where other competent players are denied the opportunity or are threatened to lose on purpose so that the 🤡 could win, but the audacity to send the 🤡 to an international event to compete against top athletes across the global is just fked up 🤣😂

  26. This 2023 is no joke man this is so funny

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