Spotting PREHISTORIC CREATURES in the Bluest Waters in California On My SeaDoo Explorer Pro

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In this episode I check out some of the bluest waters in California, off the coast of Orange County and Los Angeles and discover some amazing marine animals, including the Mola Mola (Sun Fish). These strange looking fish are the largest bony fish in the ocean and can grow up to 1,000 kg / 2,205 lb!


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00:00 Introduction
01:37 More SeaDoo mods!
03:12 Heading our of Newport Harbour
04:02 GIANT SUNFISH! (Mola Mola)
04:54 Magic Mind Wellness Shot
07:00 Bottlenose Dolphins spotted!
09:14 Time for lunch
10:20 Adam’s Golf Cart Tours
12:29 Ice Cream Time
18:28 Back on the water
19:22 The Bluest Water in California
20:32 Rough conditions on the Ocean!
22:11 I nearly ran it over!
23:47 I almost fell in!!
24:31 Whales spotted!

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40 Replies to “Spotting PREHISTORIC CREATURES in the Bluest Waters in California On My SeaDoo Explorer Pro”

  1. Awesome video and very positive. Thanks taking us along on the adventure

  2. Eric Frey says:

    Great video Adam, Michelle is an inspiration!

  3. I absolutely love your content Adam. This was an amazing video.

  4. approx2k says:

    WOW what a champ surviving all that 😀

  5. Bonny Stark says:

    Such a nice person ! she's cool, full of life, beautiful on top of that ! All the best for you ! And Adam… well, you're the best as usual 🙂

  6. I also tried to do 360 degrees on sea doo

  7. я тоже на seedoo пытался на 360 градусов сделать

  8. ❤ Vietnamese Well come you

  9. Shak Pro says:

    Why always a beer when wine rocks too? 🇬🇧

  10. Jetski TV says:

    You pair get on like an old married couple. What a lovely lady. Deffo an inspiration more collaborations with Michelle please

  11. pntbler says:

    Great videos !
    I pick up my fish pro trophy this coming Saturday

  12. Wally Rides says:

    Hey Adam, when you go to Avalon, do you typically buy a mooring spot from the harbor master boat, or do you go to the dinghy dock? What do you recommend for PWC?

  13. J Dalton says:

    Like for Adam to have Mr Producer Michael on the Sea-Doo for a ride out to Catalina😊

  14. Tangen Arms says:

    she didn't seem to impressed. lol, but neither would have i , in fact i would have turned around at the Welcome to California sign wondering where i had gone so wrong as to end up there. lol

  15. Hey Adam, great video! When’s the next Seadoo trip to Catalina with the fans? Any plans yet? Will it be this year? Count me in for sure!

  16. Catalina is an awesome place for a day visit.

  17. ŁTC PEROZI says:

    Great video love your guest ❤️😀☀️🙏🏄‍♂️

  18. Jamie Coates says:

    Are you planning on making anymore merch or something like a “find your everyday adventure” sticker !

  19. smith smith says:

    That explorer is growing on me,
    Is the windshield removable?
    I don’t hate it but sometimes I’d like to ride without it.

    You know what would be cool?
    If they had those retractable windshields like they have on motorcycles, but have it retract all the way down for those days when you want to get wet

    It would just be another cool factor to add to the growing list of things it already has

  20. Great vid as always mate

  21. onkouth says:

    What a great video, Michelle is so awesome, she is such an inspiration, it really puts things in perspective when you hear the stories about people who have faced such adversity and taken it as a challenge, then went on to achieve great things ❤❤

  22. Banshun says:

    I love watching your videos, but deep water scares the ever loving shit out of me. It must come from watching Jaws as a very small kid. If I looked down into that water from that ski, it would be less Seadoo and more SeaDooDoo. 💩💩💩

  23. Hi Adam, I love your videos. I watch them regularly and have become a big Seadoo fan through you and have just been on the Adriatic Sea to see dolphins with my GTX 300. Please keep up the good work and thank you for all these valuable tips you give us, so I have more security when I get on the jet ski and go to the sea. So a thousand thanks 😊 please keep up the good work. Lg David from good old Germany.

  24. Hey Adam great video. I got a question what kind of pants do you wear when I'm the ocean for trips like this wet suit type pants or something else. I have a dry suit but sometimes i don't want to wear that. Just curious thanks. someday i hope to get down there and do the Catalina trip would love to do the trip with you. I got the fish pro like you used to have.

  25. What a beautiful woman and human. A great motivational story and life.
    Great job again Adam… but ey, the question what al fans want tot know: what was the tip after you showed around the island?

  26. You’re awesome Adam!!!

  27. Damn she’s amazingly awesome!!

  28. 👍🏾😎🫵🏾

  29. Hey Adam if you ever have a bad day remember, there are many of us who dream or have to watch these videos to experience this kind of stuff. Respect from Ontario Canada. Keep up the awesome content.

  30. Mikey2111 says:

    Well now you gotta make a video with her on a ski doo. It's only fair.

  31. Tjay says:

    Yay finally a Canadian on the show lol

  32. Yes, beautiful loved it. That water was so gorgeous. Thanks Adam Love you. Have a good day.

  33. Yorgo Mihalo says:

    Adam its all your fault. I came across one of your vids a little over a month ago and in that vid you met up with some other riders and took a trip to Catalina. I said to my self damn I have some lame friends who would never do that sort of stuff. I need to meet some new friends. So headed out to Del Amo Motorsports in Redondo Beach CA to purchase a Sea doo Explorer but no dealership had them in stock so picked up a 2023 fish pro trophy. Now I can do some spearfishing, fishing or just go out and have an adventure in the ocean. This will be a good way to meet some new friends. Who knows one day we just might meet up and head out to Catalina . Anyways thanks for the inspiration, I needed it.

  34. Michelle almost died, but she never gave up on life. Amazing story and amazing woman. #thankyouforsharing

  35. I actually shouted "get in!" When i saw a new Vid upload 😂 Another cracking vid Adam!

  36. Luis D says:

    how do you like the sea doo water shoes? been really interested in those

  37. Great episode Adam, what an amazing lady Michelle is ❤️💙🇮🇲 big love from the Isle of man 🍻

  38. Kris Vaughan says:

    Love the adventures! Inspiration to just get out there and do it! Thx again 🤙

  39. PIERCE C says:

    She is rad! Taking my fish pro to Catalina in September, so stoked

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