Start open or closed to hit longer drives…

If we start with a closed club face we loose the opportunity to realy hit the ball. Give room for the release…

Let me help you get a effortless golfswing with speed and accuracy. A good release will help you to a better impact and longer drives and irons without slice and hook.

Long and straight is every ones goal but it takes time. Try to focus on one thing not everything when you practise. Impact, face control and swingpath will always be the most important part to drill.

If you use callaway, ping, titleist or taylor made clubs doesn’t matter you can learn to hit good golf shots. Your loft or your shaft on the club will not change but you can get better.

Find what inspires you. The pga tour, longdrivers or other good golfers can all help you find better golf shots. Watch what they do instead of listed to what they say. Listen mostly to your body and figure out what you need to do to produce the same results as the pros on TV.

Mike Malaska, Mike Austin, Mike Dunaway and Steve Pratt are some of my favorite golf instructors online. Find the tips that make your golf better. Decide what you want to hit. I teach a draw but many like a fade and nobody likes a hook or slice.

Your hips or your lag is not the key to golf. Your hands will decide the shot and you can do like Tiger Woods and trust your hands. Teach your hands to hit different shots. Hit big hooks and slices to understand what happens. Only straight is not gonna teach you anything.

Bryson Dechambeu and Kyle Birkshire can inspire you to hit it longer. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson can give you inspiration and motivation to test new things and new golf shots. Linn Grant can show you the future of ladies golf.

The Masters, Players Championship, The Players, The Open and US Open can make you love golf even more. See the best in the world solve all the problems we all need to master any golf course. Golf is a craft and you need fantasy, feel and skills to master it.


11 Replies to “Start open or closed to hit longer drives…”

  1. Alan Young says:

    Thanks again for the advice Marcus, always appreciate your content.

  2. Joe Gallant says:

    Hi Marcus,do you apply this to your iron swing as well?

  3. I have a theory that your golf balls are going in the woods and you are using software that makes your shots look like draws! Lol. JK. As a lefty like you, I still can't get my head around swinging the club way left of the target. I would love to see an overhead view of your swing path.

  4. Bayou Golf says:

    It makes sense

    When the body is turning in it’s natural way in a golf swing ….the hands would like to go back to a normal position

    Closed … your right

    Good stuff

  5. Chi Therapie says:

    I changed my driver from Cobra De Chambeau version to the Wilson Carbon. Lets see how that goes. I still have no control of the big stick. If i see your swing here, i realize i have to push more than trow the head to the ball. Thank you for showing me the right direction all the time buddy.

  6. Bill McCann says:

    Marcus what position is your lead wrist in at the top, cupped, bowed or flat? Thanks for the vids.👍

  7. Batwing2465 says:

    Thanks Marcus. How’s it coming with creating a swing sequence video. Looking forward to seeing it. Cheers

  8. gargy2002 says:

    I don’t think it matters if you have the clubface closed/opened. Once you start the downswing with pulling the hands down(my case) it’s a game over even before the impact. Unfortunately that can’t be taught in an online lesson.

  9. Cycle Steve says:

    Love it. Already doing that as I've picked up on that from watching you in previous videos. I can attest that you are spot on. BTW this old dude from Derby KS is getting 20-30 more yards on the driver since I discovered your instruction.

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