STOP Trying To Hit The Driver STRAIGHT… Let Me Explain

Hey guys, I am genuinely thrilled to present this video, as I believe it will be immensely beneficial to many of you. One of the most significant challenges people encounter with their driving is overthinking the process, attempting to manipulate the club into specific positions instead of allowing it to flow naturally with their bodies.

In this video, we’ll be delving into releasing tension in your swing, enabling you to move more freely and allowing the club to glide effortlessly around your body. The outcome will be a straighter and more consistent swing, leading to improved performance on the course.

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00:00 Introduction
01:12 The Swing
04:59 Rotation
07:54 Speed Boost


19 Replies to “STOP Trying To Hit The Driver STRAIGHT… Let Me Explain”

  1. Tunnelvision says:

    I unsubscribe to all other coaches I watch on YouTube. 😆👏 Because I instantly started hitting straighter down the fairway. I’m not perfect but I did see instant results. I super stoked!! You’re a great at explaining things and using visual training. Thank you 🙏 I’m a fan now and subscribed! Can’t wait to watch all your other videos! Keep it up boss!

  2. v.8 says:

    Excellent lesson. Many thanks !

  3. Why do all influencers on YouTube who have anything to do with golf put their golf bag in such a way that everyone can read their name?


  4. Lil Cam says:

    we need to build more golf courses

  5. Thanks Chris. I love the no nonsense, gimmick-free style you're putting out there. Keep 'em coming!

    Also, what is the app you're using to track club head speed in this?

  6. Colin White says:

    Love this, Chris.
    Superbly explained.

  7. Robin Davis says:

    This is the best driver video I have ever seen. And I have watched about a billion of them. Maybe this will be the one that actually causes me to swing the driver freely. Great job

  8. Mike Grier says:

    Excellent. There’s a particularly difficult par-4 at my home club where I often drive the ball well, and it’s a free feeling I have when I hit that tee shot, similar to what is described in the video. I’m working on having that same feel on other tee boxes rather than steering the ball.

  9. Nick Nick says:

    Excellant explanation

  10. Len S says:

    One of the best driving videos I’ve seen! Thanks Chris ! Playing tomorrow, got to try this and stop trying to guide it

  11. Brent Borne says:

    This was explained so clearly. Thanks for this

  12. Andy McCall says:

    Ahhh Pete Cowan…..

  13. Huttboynz says:

    Just purchased the ‘Force Pedal’ hoping they help me out with feet pressure. Have you used them? Cheers

  14. John W says:

    Sometimes we get hung up on all the small movements, focusing on the larger movements sometimes helps to re-baseline when we our swing goes off the rails. Question…the speed boost/ground force movement would cause a variation of early extension would it not? Is that now considered OK in the driver swing if done for this purpose?

  15. Alan B says:

    Great video Chris, I've constantly been searching for the feel of that final element you demonstrate. I guess this is similar to your Speedboat/skier analogy? If you were to give me a lesson, could you help me find that feel?

  16. Roy Close says:

    As sir nick faldo said there's no such thing as straight 😊well done Chris 👏 👍

  17. jmagrudersc says:

    This is a fantastic plain language and simple physical demonstration of swing mechanics. I've watched a lot of Youtube swing videos – and there are a ton of good ones – but this one really boils the driver swing down to a few easy to grasp essentials.Thanks.
    I will say that the title was a tad misleading (by design?) – I was expecting an argument for always trying to hit driver with a fade or draw with intent.

  18. Duc Tran says:

    Brilliant demo!

  19. Great explanation of mechanics

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