Stopping Police Shootings with Revolutionary Tech w/ Rick Smith | EP #43 Moonshots and Mindsets

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In this episode, Peter and Rick discuss Rick’s Moonshot of cutting gun-related deaths between police and the public by 50% in 10 years, and his company, Axon. Rick Smith, CEO of Axon Enterprise, founded the company in 1993 with a mission to protect life and render bullets obsolete. His dedication to public safety has led Axon to pioneer TASER energy weapons, revolutionize the body camera industry, and develop the world’s leading digital evidence management platform.
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00:00 Intro
02:40 Axon’s Moonshot: Setting The Phasers To Stun.
05:35 The Story That Began Axon’s Journey.
14:06 The Passion Should Always Outweigh Your Potential Profits.
19:44 The Turning Point That Kept Axon In The Game.
22:47 Creating A Weapon That Police Want To Choose Over A Firearm.
28:31 What Is The Moonshot That Keeps Axon Evolving?
31:17 What Exactly Is Axon Bringing To The Self-Defense Market?
36:34 Axon’s Implementation Of VR To Help With Training.
38:43 How Do You React When People Tell You You’re Crazy?
41:37 Don’t Get Demoralized; believe In Yourself & Your Product.
43:43 Focus On Attracting The Best Minds To Build Your Product.
47:33 How Do You Bring Focus To Your Moonshot?
48:14 What Is The Future Of Weaponry & Defense?
52:05 Bringing Non-Lethal Defense To Your Home & Public Spaces.
56:22 Are Tasers & Electricity Really The Best Non-Lethal Options?
58:47 How Will Robotics Take Their Place Defending Society?
1:02:44 How Do Police Respond To The Changes In Lethal Weaponry?
1:06:36 How To Best Target Your Product To Effect Change & Drive Sales
1:10:16 How Can You Learn More About These Innovations?
1:10:51 Rick Smith’s Advice To You.
1:13:03 Outro


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  1. How about stopping the real problem? I'll give you a hint, it's not the police (comment heavily censored in order to not get channel immediately banned)

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