Swing didn't look bad though! #goodgood #funnygolf #uk #rickshiels

7 Replies to “Swing didn't look bad though! #goodgood #funnygolf #uk #rickshiels”

  1. dementus420 says:

    😂 hopefully it got better. I'd be out there hackin around by myself probably. I know exactly 1 person that plays golf with me sometimes.

  2. That's pretty much how I play links courses. From natural grass to natural grass to 12 feet deep bunkers to…

  3. Galaxy Viper says:

    I mean he has a Par shot

  4. Anthony Sig says:

    You’re the man Matt!

  5. Nahh if that was me I would be going crazy but scharff just laughs it off

  6. David I says:

    Normal golf stuff

  7. I need to adopt this attitude 🤣

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