Takomo 301 CB First Full Round. Al Hamra Golf Club. Are these irons in my bag for 2023???

The first full round with the Takomo 301 CB irons. This is the full test to see if these go straight in my bag for 2023. Next level is an understatement!

Iron 301 CB


6 Replies to “Takomo 301 CB First Full Round. Al Hamra Golf Club. Are these irons in my bag for 2023???”

  1. Just found your channel & sub'd … I just got a set of Tacoma 201's but haven't hit them yet. I'm a higher handicap than you so I think the 201's were a better choice for me … but I agree the 301's (and 201's for that matter) look amazing. Can't wait to hit mine! Cheers!

  2. gary John says:

    i would love these clubs im about an 18hc ,and have had a set of ap2s and mizunos,i wouldnt rock the 101t as the not forged,so its either these if i can hit them,or the 201.i just hope there forgiving enough for me.great video

  3. Andy Reece says:

    Love the video, enjoyed the ball flight data. I don't know about you being Rubbish ? Your carry distances and natural draw say's Single Digit Handicapper. Best of luck getting your channel going, looking forward to more 😉

  4. great video. always love the full course videos. the 301s look and played great for you. keep up the great work.

  5. im HCP 18 so i guess 101 or 101T would be good for me!

  6. Hei fromHelsinki! very intresting to see how they work!

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