T'au Empire Vs Death Korps Of Krieg! | 10th Edition Battle Report | Warhammer 40,000

Tau Empire Army list

1×1 Crisis Commander
1×1 Ghost Keel
1×1 Riptide
3×1 Hammerhead
2×1 Devilfish
2×10 Pathfinders
2×10 Firewarriors
1×6 Crisis Battle Suits

Death Korps Of Krieg Army list

1×1 Lord Solar
3×1 Death Korps Marshall
3×20 Krieg Infantry Squad
1×10 Krieg Infantry Squad
1×5 Death Korps Riders
2×1 Manticore
1×1 Stormsword (Note this is called rogal dorn in the bat rep edit Tom messed up)
1×1 Macharius

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40 Replies to “T'au Empire Vs Death Korps Of Krieg! | 10th Edition Battle Report | Warhammer 40,000”

  1. Special thank you to Dark Lord Curon for donating the Tau models to the channel! He is da real MVP

  2. For someone who thoroughly enjoys the Tau and depreciating humor, do a video of nothing but tau infantry. Let's see what you can do!

  3. gw need to hire nee rules writers,proof readers and play testers,surely the rules can b written clearer ,the game isnt as simplified as it should b,terrain rules r still poor,stratagems and mortal wounds need to go,not every unit needs a special ability

  4. @mordianglory, you cad, you cur, you horse of naves. It appears you skipped your hazardous test when you killed the lord solar my good sir 😅

  5. Milo Moran says:

    The reinforcement blobs coming in and scoring secondaries is very clutch

  6. if you want a game against Eldar bud give me a shout

  7. The Hammerheads do Mortal wounds on 6s to wound, which cuts through the 4++

  8. ThroatSore says:

    Did that Baneblade overwatch in the Tau first turn? Where did it get the CP? Sorry. Just not up with the rules.

  9. Mark Dorn says:

    I did enjoy the battle report, even with reduced banter. I just wish more filthy xenos heads got split by entrenching tools.

    I was also disappointed by the sorry performance of the Macharius; I watched the painting streams and dreamed of one day putting the colors onto mine, and now I feel as though I'm just going to paint a terrain piece, something that looks nice but has no effect on the outcome. 😢

  10. Milo Moran says:

    Tom did really great on the commentary

  11. Fun and rule of cool over competitiveness any day!

  12. RJScorpion says:

    Personally, i prefer not being serious, have fun as it comes across with a different energy. The polls are fine, but play the armies that get you excited as the banter is great.

  13. I feel like you forgot a few Techpriest 4+ invuls?

  14. No Name says:

    Shame to see the Macharius be so lame. Would have been better off with a Leman Russ Exterminator, Primaris Psyker in a Krieg Blob and Scout Sentinel

  15. Cosmic Drew says:

    The mordy mobile va the way of rising wang brilliant as always can’t for the full death Korp to show

  16. Eudald Sans says:

    The lord solar redeployment should be done before players roll the dice to determine the first player.

  17. Mike says:

    Actually.. Tim's use of "Fox 2, fox 3" is incorrect. Fox is pilot chat for "air to air" missile. The 1, 2 or 3 is the type of missile fired. Little today-I-learned for you.

  18. i need a shirt with that baneblade and in big words send in the CONCUSSIVE WAVE!!!!!!!!!

  19. Halex says:


  20. Andrew King says:

    While I agree that playing serious isn't as fun, I do like seeing fully optimized guard builds so I can see what our better units do and the synergies they have!

  21. Dracorexplay says:

    Hi Mordian, you probably won’t see this, but if you do could you use a Malcador variant in a battle report if you have one? Great and entertaining video too!

  22. SmokyJoe says:

    You guys need to just play a super serious meta list as if you didn't know each other and just get it over with every once a while… then go back to playing fun lists. One way or the other…love yalls conent.

  23. Bruce U says:

    I really wish GW made a plastic Macharius tank instead of the dorn

  24. Kevin B says:

    All jokes aside , Tau are pretty fun to play when you don’t cheat with them. They have a guard feel to them even if guard are much better feeling. Don’t know how to explain they just have a nice feel to them.

  25. Daniel Bob says:

    Excited to see those Dark Eldar mentioned early on in the video

  26. Too bad you are across the pond because I'm finally getting around to painting my massive krieg army.

    Been a krieg player for a long time, before it was cool lol.

  27. As they say tactical. I want to see a full guard army of just cavalry led by lord solar himself as the horses charge down the filed of battle!

  28. D W N says:

    I love Tom when hes meming, doing voices and having fun. I thought everyone did.

  29. Eldar Dave says:

    Curiosity question… aren’t the Gue Ve Sa the humans who collaborate with the Tau while Gue Ra or Gue Ran Sha those who fight against the Tau? Great battle report either way…😉

  30. Robert B. says:

    Fun fact: the anyone who runs is a VC quote was taken from an actual marine. It is taken from the book Dispatches.

  31. The Krieg list minus Sentinels really wasn't competitive. Tournaments show Sentinels are key to competitive Imperial Guard lists using indirect fire. A Leman Russ Exterminator and a couple Scout Sentinels for the Macarius would have made a big difference, IMO.

  32. Brock Savage says:

    I don't normally watch battle reports but enjoyed this one. I liked the choice of terrain and themed battlefield. Even though I cringed at the lack of Krieger special weapons I appreciate that the armies were not chosen with competitive-level optimization in mind.

  33. Zac Noel says:

    Ain't got 'nothing on me Catachans (Aussies + Vietnam in space!!!)… Or thems old school green beret storm troopers…

  34. Moist Daddy says:

    nah mordy there is video from most shocking showing the deck crewman get slurpped into the engine and his helmet comes off and fods the engine then the pilot powers down and they pulled him out.

  35. Wayne Lamb says:

    Tom clearly hasn't been on the receiving end of a " bayonet with a bit of guts behind it ", Colour Sargent Boone. 24th Praetorians. So you can take your Krieg, your Cadians and whatever other Regiment you care to mention and stick them where the sun doesn't shine. Cause there is only one guard Regiment who can make a decent cuppa and still look like they could be on parade. P R A E T O R I A N S.

  36. Бодя says:

    For the record, Tim's memery is funnier than Tom's.

  37. alan rickett says:

    On the baneblade destruction what happened to the invaluable save against the long strider hit and the maticore the next turn does that weapon remove invuls

  38. Eliconean says:

    Love this, mate! I just hope you get to the point where you can have a larger studio… That room seems uncomfortably small for such games.

    Damn the Ruinous Powers, the Mordian Glory Hole needs a proper wardroom!

  39. A thought (vaguely) on the next wave strat. Can fully see 'Nids getting a 2CP recycle Endless units strat in a living tide detachment, would never be free from a Tyrant since it'd be played after they were off the table and not in range of his ability so no returning 2 units in a turn. Strat for Tervigons getting to birth Termagant units would also be nice (2D6? 3D6?), buddying a Tyrant and Tervigon could potentially mean 2 new units and a returned unit in a turn.

    Monsters seems to be the strongest build right now, swarms could well be a lot more viable once the book drops.

  40. Chris says:

    Where does one get some Mordian Glory dice? I like the design.

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