"TaylorMade NAILED This!" TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver | The Swing Report

The TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver is the latest model from TaylorMade in the new mini driver category. The BRNR mini driver is a unique club for sure, featuring the characteristics of both a driver and a fairway wood. But how does the TaylorMade BRNR Mini driver perform, both off the tee and off the turf?

0:00 Intro
0:54 Key Details, Tech, and Specs
3:50 Testing
15:07 Final Thoughts

In this video, 2nd Swing’s Drew Mahowald is joined by master club fitter Kevin Kraft to test and review the new TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver using Trackman technology.

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14 Replies to “"TaylorMade NAILED This!" TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver | The Swing Report”

  1. v8soarer1991 says:

    I use a TSI 2 9* Driver for windy days (low and go). And a TSI 3 15* Fairway for a driver every other day.
    Im going to place my TSI 2 Driver head on the same shaft as my TSI Fairway.
    A TSR 4 or BRNR might be an option for me to try.

  2. Aron Lamb says:

    I've been trying to get one. But everywhere is sold out atm. Hope they do a re release

  3. this club is great and the shaft is designed for a 95 mph swinger, at 105 mph, the shaft lacks mass and torques too much and spins too much. a follow up test in the studio with a custom fit shaft is a must. Please do not over look the opportunity to test this club properly indoors for those of us who are highly interested in the category and performance offered only by this clubhead.

  4. the TSR2+ or the BRNR Mini?

  5. Doesn’t rly take much to “nail the mini driver category”… there isn’t one😂

  6. I'd love to see Emma as a special guest on the swing report!

  7. wks says:

    I love the look of this driver. Might have to look into buying it next year when the price comes down.

  8. Andrew Law says:

    I bought one the day it came to the UK. Amazing club for sure. Can’t find a new one over here now. I also found the shaft a bit weak too and need custom shaft.

  9. DoCoMo661 says:

    I have the Original One Mini Driver. Worth upgrading to this one?

  10. Love the content with Kevin. His enthusiasm is infectious.

  11. Svingit Golf says:

    Can't you do a fitting were you try to optimize the numbers with the right shaft?

  12. I love the mini driver, I just find the irony extremely funny.

    Taylormade marketing buzzwords "Carbonwood is the future"

    Taylormade product development team "Um….I guess we misheard you"

    I would have been more impressed if they had the carbon fiber face like on the stealth. That would have really nailed and proved that carbon fiber face woods can and are successful

  13. scottysize says:

    Got one. Love it. I've never been very constant at hitting a 3W off the deck, so I used my 3W as an accurate driver. I bought the 13.5 degree model and turned it up to 14.5 degrees. Works great as an accurate driver off the tee. However I've noticed, hitting off the deck is passable. Definitely replaced my 3W. The ONLY thing I wish they done was offer a bubble shaft 😉

  14. Svingit Golf says:

    They nailed it with the Aeroburner Mini Driver. I had the 12* version and it was H_O_T. After that they lost a lot in the mini driver department with the original one and the 300 mini driver. none of them was as hot as the Aeroburner mini driver. I haven't got the chance to test the Burner mini driver.

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