Your Third Golf Lesson: An Alternative Approach

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Epic Speed Driver:
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Callaway Chrome soft x:
Jaws wedge:
SC300 Launch Monitor:
Garmin R10 Launch Monitor:
Arccos Golf Sensors:


8 Replies to “Your Third Golf Lesson: An Alternative Approach”

  1. Ed says:

    You have a terrific ability to explain how to move naturally in a fluid and unrestricted way. Thanks.

  2. Question. How should I “Drop” my arms? Do I relax them and let gravity take over or do I activate certain muscles? Thank you

  3. U3277 says:

    Very well-detailed and great explanations

  4. This hit the nail on the head for this long time subscriber. Thank you.

  5. Marcus Bloom says:

    One of the best golf lessons I've ever had. Thank You

  6. Mark Palmer says:

    That was very good one for me. Iam in my late sixties and releasing the club early has become an issue with me I still play pretty good but releasing to early has caused a loss in swing speed and miss hits. Excellent video!

  7. KISS => Keep it Simple 🏌🏿‍♂️🥊

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