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Team TaylorMade’s Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Scottie Scheffler, Collin Morikawa and Tommy Fleetwood compete in a short game contest modeled after Around The World. Each player must hit their ball inside a circle using Milled Grind 3 Wedges. Once they complete a station, they move on to the next station. There are five total stations that show off pitch shots, bunker shots, chip shots, and flop shots. They test the versatility and control of the MG3 Wedge out of a variety of lies.

This battle comes down to the wire and even has a bit of drama to come along with it. Sit back and watch as the best golfers in the world show you how it’s done and see who can come out with the win.


40 Replies to “Team TaylorMade Short Game Contest | TaylorMade Golf”

  1. harry smith says:

    Tiger throwing his towel at Tommy at the end hahaaha

  2. Phil Mickelson would have been home with his feet up long ago 😂

  3. Putra Hirota says:

    Rory is always left behind hahaha

  4. LEGO says:

    these hackers need to work on their short games 🤪

  5. Why does tiger look like a cloned copy?

  6. The Oasis says:

    This was really fun to watch!

  7. Shaun Mahy says:

    More of these please.

  8. MrGododgego says:

    Tiger looks like he's on the drugs that killed Michael J.

  9. Max Caysey says:

    Love the guy, but is it just me or does Tiger look baked in this?

  10. Mr.K says:

    Next day LIV arranges the same and the price is 1000000$ instead of a trophy

  11. Tigers still world best

  12. Napoleon IV says:

    Tiger looks puffy.

  13. This video describes Rory’s game right now 😂 untucked shirt and stuck on the bunker shot

  14. Nishit Nath says:

    Phil watching this and laughing in front of a million dollar stack

  15. Reyn Eng says:

    The background audio😢. Love the video though

  16. Wheres Dustin and Sergio?

  17. Eric Kilroy says:

    Tiger looked stressed and in pain. Fair play to him for still doing it.

  18. Eric Smiley says:

    I love how tiger is playing a Bridgestone still

  19. Tommy definitely deserved it, Scotty taking jabs every shot showed no class at all. Everyone had a laugh and a jab, friendly banter, but Scotty couldn’t let it go 😂

  20. nick merlino says:

    tiger looks very tired

  21. Gooch says:

    Love watching these!

  22. “I feel like I deserve it” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Lol to make it more interesting I would have the guy in last place win the wooden spoon and as the last place guy the rest of the guys gets to either get free lunch or dunk some ice water on that player😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Love how competitive they are. Scottie is so dark on Tommy for that rim shot

  25. Spydr says:

    So type of content I love. Keep it up TAYLOR MADE

  26. S Andersson says:

    More Taylor Made "fake fun"

  27. Dragon says:

    With all this talent, it’s hard to make a video this boring.

  28. Well done, Gents. Loved watching the different rotations/swings on the short game – inspirational really. Thank you!

  29. I’m a junior and I hit it 275

  30. Sean Robbe says:

    this group of guys is the best group by far

  31. Jack Jackery says:

    Tiger using Bridgestones on the Taylormade channel is crazy

  32. BMag4ever says:

    This may not have been a Major Championship, but it’s always great seeing Tiger compete.

  33. heyniceascot says:

    Tommy finally won something!

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