What’s in this awesome alternative golf bag?

Welcome to ACS golf. This week I take a break from the reviews to show you this awesome alternative bag set up which I’ve made with current clubs I am testing for the channel, with the odd original ones thrown in. The review of all these clubs will be out soon so remember to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any of them!


2 Replies to “What’s in this awesome alternative golf bag?”

  1. I enjoy these types of club whats in the bag videos. Lol. I know you’ve done the putter reviews, but maybe do a very in-depth all your putter review? You got some good putter collection

  2. As a fellow eBay golfer loving the content. I have the Berta mini – in fact got it if eBay a couple of months back…. Word of warning on it compared to the aero burner the callaway head is really heavy – takes a little getting used to.

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