TGW's Master Fitter Tests the Best Wedges of 2021

TGW selected 6 of the best-selling, most popular wedges of 2021 to see how they compared in our testing. We tested these golf clubs with the help of Rick Hatfield, TGW’s master fitter and product expert. Learn more and see the full results:


18 Replies to “TGW's Master Fitter Tests the Best Wedges of 2021”

  1. My name is George sir or mam

  2. Sir do you guys carry the pure spin wedges brand new sir 52 degree loft and 48 degree loft and 56 degree loft

  3. baboonbuttz says:

    where the Wilson staff wedges

  4. Pewpew Life says:

    Cleveland rtx zipcore are no joke just as good as the vokey in my opinion.

  5. Thanks Rick! Earlier in the year I was watching your videos and needed a new 50 degree and I chose a ping glide 3.0 ss grind for my soft and wet condition's playing early in the morning with dew and sprinklers! I already have a glide 2.0 stealth 56 degree with the es grind, neither are leaving the bag soon! Thanks for these video's. Cheer's son loves his Cleveland cbx2 52degree!

  6. Nice review that was simple and straight forward

  7. Mike Lee says:

    Just got Cleveland Zipcore RTX & I love it!

  8. Ping Glide huh, thank you.

  9. A B says:

    I think you should use % differences for spin. 600 rpm doesn't sound like that much, but 600 is almost 20% less than the high.

  10. G Mg says:

    Excellent review

  11. Great comparison review!!!

  12. You did absolutely AMAZING in this video! So thorough. Exactly all the information I was looking for to decide which wedges to try and you nailed it! Thank you! So detailed.

  13. DavidC8893 says:

    This test really isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. We need dry ball data.

  14. midnight4109 says:

    Is it any accident that you tested 56 mid for all?

  15. Jmastives says:

    Great test but a bit unfair as the right grind on the SM8 would totally change the results. You should of used the M or S grind for a varied test.

  16. Chabby Drew says:

    They never test the "best" anything… only what they are sponsored by..

  17. clw22580 says:

    Wet test rpm lost would have been great I play allot of early am rounds with dew

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