The 2024 Volkswagen Atlas' Biggest Change Is One You Can't See Right Away: Here's a Closer Look!

( Check out our new spot to find ALL our content, from news to videos and our podcasts! We’re looking at some changes to the 2024 Volkswagen Atlas that aim to fix issues that the original model and it’s facelifted version faced. In this video, Nathan goes through the three-row Atlas and five-seater Atlas Cross Sport to chart the major changes, including one you can’t see!

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43 Replies to “The 2024 Volkswagen Atlas' Biggest Change Is One You Can't See Right Away: Here's a Closer Look!”

  1. Jr Garcia says:

    Don’t do it. Telluride way better choice!

  2. Todd Cohen says:

    You mentioned sportier 3 row SUV’s. Wouldn’t the Ford ST be at the top of sporty?
    Also Dodge Durango?

  3. Why does vw continue to fail when it comes to the engine. I remember a time you could get pretty much any engine configuration up to a v10. Now you are forced to only get a 4 banger, why not give a vr6 turbo option and also give an update for the 3.6. It would be nice to have the 2.0, 3.6vr6, and either a 2.8 or 3.2 vr6 turbo option with a minimum of 300hp and 350 torque. So many other brands are sticking with v6 options with much more power and torque than this while keeping the fuel economy. Vw can do better.

  4. We've got a 2019 V6 and the real shifter knob is way cooler/better. Another fun thing we discovered is you can but down the middle row and sit in the third row with your feet propped up like a luxury limo. It's awesome on long trips.

  5. Tony Blue says:

    This car is so ugly, i rather buy something like a new ford

  6. robgrt says:

    Nathan, is it possible to turn off that fake engine sound that is played through the speakers?

  7. Elliott Lee says:

    Nathan is so Nice! Where oh Where is Tweedle when you need Him?!?! I think What Nate meant to say & had it been Tommy ESPECIALLY SEEN ON a 🇺🇸vehicle? He would have said Look at THIS SUPER CHEAP, REALLY CHEAP FAKE LOOKING FAKE WOOD! AND… Look at ALLLLLL this TACKY BLACK POORLY DESIGNED Piano Black. Ooooh but let's not stop there! As he twists his he wishes Dali curly stache😂 with an evil Grinch laugh. Let's talk about these PLEATHER "VTex" seats. The Plastic Vinyl seats that, sure have ventilation big whoope(it actually is. It's WHY 🇺🇸THINK They Hate Leather, bc Plastic unlike Leather does not breathe)&(tho he knows Why)What is Up with the Grandpa Buttons on the steering wheel?!? —But here's the Reality. Tommy would ❤if no other reason than it's 🇩🇪. And speak accolades of All that FAKE inside & out. – So big shout out to Nathan: "a gift from God" for telling the Truth😂

  8. best I can do about the redesigned Atlas is to shrug my shoulders and utter under my breath "sure I guess so" or "there you have it"

  9. Calvin N says:

    Things people clearly hate:
    1) Piano black gloss on all the things
    2) Removal of physical knobs and levers for common functions
    3) Fake exhaust tips

    VW: Let’s do all those things!!

  10. Base price Atlas with AWD: $41k – 2.0 T i4 engine – 19-25 MPG

    Base price Mazda CX-90 with AWD: $40k – 3.3 T i6 engine – 24-28 MPG

  11. WORST rated model on the market according to actual OWNERS, extremely unreliable

    VW management:

    "Atlas isn't selling well bc it is one of the least reliable models, how do we fix this?"

    "Let's reduce the engine size by 40% but keep the tow rating the same, add our new infotainment and electronics that have proven to be even less reliable than before, remove all buttons and light up the logo!"

  12. The updated front end reminds me a lot of a Ford Expedition

  13. I ended up with a 23 cross sport sel premium r line. Yes it’s a mouthful. I can’t imagine having a 4 cylinder in this vehicle. The VR6 isn’t too impressive as it is

  14. Mitch Stein says:

    "I have the grace of a… Ballerina rhinoceros." 😂😂

    I like the styling on these. If I were a person that didn't need the third row, the Cross Sport has a more athletic look and is more visually pleasing. Looking forward to the driving impression of the 2.0T. I'm not surprised they dumped the 6 cylinder. Gas guzzler.

  15. John Grant says:

    What’s up with all the Airstreams in the background ?

  16. okan elkin says:

    I’m glad to see the steering wheel has real buttons. A step in the right direction. One thing I hate about my R and my moms atlas is that the drive mode resets every time you get back in the car. In my moms car I literally have to rotate the mode selector away and back to where I want it for it to actually load those settings. I want my mode to stay where I put it until I change it to something else. I don’t want to be dicking around with mode selections every time I get in the car. Same for auto stop start. If I turn it off, leave it off until I turn it on again.

  17. Tom Liu says:

    2.0 turbo will blow up during family trip, 7 dudes plus all the luggage😂

  18. hi says:

    i hope vw fails with this and i’m diehard vw fan, they actually deserve bankruptcy after this and the mk8 design also who ever thoughts 2.0 is better, fwd fullsides suv is insane aswell. i genuinely have zero idea how this passed thru all the people who approved this

  19. Cagefree says:

    The front end gives me a Expedited vibe, which is a good thing, very handsome. NA V6 are fun to drive and make a good noise, but turbo four with nice low end torque is better for around town and family hauling.

  20. Gran Sport says:

    Looks great. They’ve kept the same steering wheel and steering wheel buttons as the 2021. USB-A was already gone and changed to USB-C with the 2021.5 mods. Glad they added soft touch everywhere though. It looks sharp. Finally, the haptic climate and radio controls are not a big deal. I hardly ever touch the physical buttons in the center stack in the 2021.5 I have now. The climate is 99.9% in auto mode at the same temperature. I also use the steering wheel controls to change radio volume, modes, and presets.

  21. Zevolex says:

    Im kinda disappointed with this new Atlas. I've owned the 2018 with the V6. I loved how "aggressive" the headlights looked on the 2018. V6 was a great engine my opinion. Being NA, it was so reliable and I had no issues. However, interior looks nice on this new one. Otherwise it looks like a Ford Explorer in German…

  22. The racer says:

    Usb-C is the future Nathan, you better get future proof devices

  23. WarriorsFan says:

    At least they got rid of the touch sensitive on the steering wheel. I love this car I got my 2021 Atlas and it’s really strong and feels amazing when driving. Beautiful car, for someone my size (5’11) you can sit in every seat of the car. I really badly wished VW found a way to make a hybrid model, that would be the needle mover and put the Atlas at the top of the class.

  24. mark spence says:

    Why did they change the name from Touareg to Atlas?? LOL

  25. ssr1680 says:

    Review that red Arteon behind you!!!

  26. pokerfred68 says:

    All of these 2 liter engines are detuned or retuned to make more or less power. The Atlas need more power because these are not small vehicles. Why is the engine so low in the engine compartment? They are good looking vehicles. The haptic style buttons need to go…real dials, knobs and buttons please.

  27. No big change, has vw forgotten how to innovate? yes, since the diesel gate I think

  28. God I wish they would’ve gotten rid of the absolutely hideous fake exhaust. 🥱🙄 Also why does VW/Audi have to use so much interior black piano plastic!!!

  29. Rocky Acosta says:

    VW should do a pickup off this platform… ala Honda Ridgeline… I think they would be surprised how many loyal VW owners want a pickup…

  30. Volkswagen got the memo on the awful cheap looking interiors thankfully! I suspect it will fall to pieces In approximately 4.2 years if use 😂.

  31. King Kong says:

    VW made Atlas bad to worse……no V6, no gear lever, no drive selector wheel, no fog lamps, tv screen sticking out of center dash😜😜😜😝🤪🤪😝😜😝😝😝😜……..instead of adding electric motors to make earlier V6 version more powerful and hybrid sytem with more mpg. Atlas V6 itself struggles to move off the line😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖….competitors have gone upto 400hp power but Atlas still with 4 cylinder torbo 270hp😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

  32. Ryan says:

    For this class a vehicle if I have to get a four-cylinder, I might as well go with a Grand Highlander hybrid.

  33. scott noble says:

    Looks impressive, the 4 cylinder transition is happening for most manufacturers in the segment, even the Landcruiser will be a 4 cylinder.

  34. swells says:

    steering wheel buttons are a step in the right direction. Now VW needs to eliminate the haptic HVAC controls and go back to dials and buttons.

  35. RMH says:

    Looks like expedition in the front

  36. No auto hold(brake hold) ???? 😢😢😢😢😢

  37. edes01 says:

    I wish VW would sell this in Australia.

  38. We are thinking it is alot to pay….but also is for the competitors. Idk how people with normal jobs afford cars. Payments for life. gross

  39. Ram14250 says:

    Looks like a Ford in the front now. How Original! (NOT). Did VW install that famous failing timing chain tensioner? You know the one the makes the 2.0L blow up at 60,000 miles?! Trash! Would never own one again. Built to be only serviced by the dealer!

  40. Trevor Hart says:

    I hate the fake exhaust look. Car makers please stop it!

  41. The taillights look ridiculous.

  42. Matt Johnson says:

    Wouldn’t choose either of these over the Koreans

  43. The front grill reminds me of a Ford SUV or a Lincoln SUV. Everything is starting to look the same. I guess design is starting to disappear from normal vehicles, and only be for super and hyper cars.

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