The BEST golf simulator software – GS Pro full walkthrough

This is a full walkthrough of the GS Pro software. Is it worth the money??

GS Pro Skills Test – Full Bag Test – Using The Garmin R10

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10 Replies to “The BEST golf simulator software – GS Pro full walkthrough”

  1. JIRVIN says:

    On local match you can play with 2 people correct?

  2. HR Boyce says:

    Great video, really enjoy the channel… unfortunately after reaching out to GSPRO via email I have learned my PC is not up to snuff and can’t be upgraded, and i don’t see a way to run GSPro on macOS with Apple Silicon so I am out of luck for now. So my question is, If you couldn’t play GSPro what would you play for a year instead? Considering the following:
    Run on iPad Pro or non-gaming PC at 1080p
    Descent ball flight characteristics

    Targeted practice/ drop a ball
    5 or more courses included
    Adjustable gimme ranges if no putting
    Environment adjustments
    Thanks for the effort you put into your videos and feedback to the community

  3. Buying a gaming laptop today and will be installing GSpro as well as Garmin r10 and Awesome golf software. Is there a video that show the process of connecting everything to the Garmin r10 ? Thanks

  4. Peter says:

    Nice one Joe lots of good advice there mate .⛳️😎

  5. Hey Joe, Great videos full of excitement info. I appreciate your dedication. I was wondering how you used the MLM2Pro with the GsPro and do you use it directly through a computer or just you phone/ tablet. I personally would preferrer to have it hardwired to a computer.

  6. clints8888 says:

    any ideas on a good computer here in oz?

  7. Thank you Joe. This video couldnt come at a better time for me. Fired up GSPro for the first time earlier in the week. Love your videos. Theyve really helped me with my simulator setup in the shed (R10, GSPro, gaming PC and projector).

  8. Oddpuppet33 says:

    Thanks Joe! Enjoying the content.

  9. Great video iv been waiting for this, thanks again! 👏🏻👏🏻

  10. jaradcohen says:

    Hey mate another great vid mate. What would we do without you??

    With screen resolution do you select exactly what your screen size is, for example I will be running through my 40 inch tv for now. So essentially that is 1920×1080. So that is what I’d select for screen res?

    Thanks champion 🏌🏼‍♂️

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