This Golf Course Will Leave You Speechless…

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I’m excited for new content and new ideas!! I plan to play in a lot more tournaments including multiple day events.


42 Replies to “This Golf Course Will Leave You Speechless…”

  1. Micah Morris says:

    Use code MICAH50 to get 50% off your first Factor box at

  2. Chan Kim says:

    this is for all the simps and fanboys who think Micah is "so close" to making it because they watch the Bryan bros on youtube

    Wesley Bryan – university of South Carolina
    George Bryan – university of South Carolina

    Wesley Bryan – played on pga tour
    George Bryan – played on latinomerica pga tour

    Wesley Bryan – 1 pga tour victory (rbc heritage)

    Micah Morris – none of the above

    keep dreaming guys one day you may wake up and realize that a dream is much different than reality

  3. Sean Tracy says:

    I thought these guys were going to get rolled, but they are stealthy Canadian snipers.

  4. Evan Barrett says:

    I follow you from Alberta. We’ve got some of the most beautiful courses out there! So cool to see you up here

  5. I went to this golf course in 2 months ago. Breathtaking. Good job guys. Mac don't be so hard on yourself

  6. HaYaH says:

    One of my cousins aced a par 3 there a month or so ago, course looks other worldy

  7. You got some really beautiful views on this course ! And waou the telemeter that reaches the top of the moutains, awesome ! PS : what's the brand of the telemeter again please ? Cheers ;;; PPS : it's really nice to follow your golfing journey, I like all of it (the humility, the progresses you make, your big drives, etc.), that's goot Micah, cheers

  8. I think the lens is cool but maybe there is a time and place for it. Par 3’s looked like par 15’s, 6ft putts look to be like 60ft putts, hard to make sense of it all. Although, the place looked amazing

  9. why is this video dark AF looks like some weird filter

  10. That jesse guy looks like a complete tool

  11. GARY OSBORNE says:

    Micah….that was a great putt and horrible drive on the 3rd hole……the odd thing is that they were virtually identical shots.

  12. Is it just me or is that camera screwing with my eyes. Make it’s hard to watch. Or maybe I had to much to drink lastnight and I’m suffering from a hangover. Lol 😂

  13. Cody Powell says:

    That mac guy absolutely stinks. Every time I've seen him on someone's channel he hits hooks and slices nowhere near the pin. Good for him being an 8 handicap but he's super cringe

  14. what'd you shoot in the tournament?

  15. Aaron Sines says:

    Thanks for all the bros wearing nut-huggers on the golf course.

  16. Ace Birdie says:

    What else happened up in Canada!?

  17. What a beautiful course! Wow! Life goals to go play there someday!!

  18. JokerMiner says:

    Micah just started Factor from my pastor and love it the meals are so good!!! Keep up the great content.

  19. HDC says:

    Is Micah really not going to post his 'first ever pga tournament' videos? LOL

  20. Chris Dyett says:

    They haven't post the back nine on the other channel?

  21. Mulligan’s says:

    First hole looks like you’re literally playing on a green screen it’s that beautiful

  22. MsHerbalistt says:

    Micahs putting is damn elite

  23. Kyle Heffner says:

    Unreal course. GOTA GO!!!

  24. Not to get super nerdy but intrigued to know the choice of main camera which was perfect for this panoramic course. Looked like a lot of the panning was done in post which suggests some sort of super wide angle / fisheye or even (dare I even dream) a 360?

  25. Get a camera operator that knows how to zoom and/or where to stand to see the ball land

  26. Aaron Brown says:

    Love the editing. Video looks great!

  27. tdam01 says:

    The stabilization on this video is causing me motion sickness

  28. Mark Lee says:

    What happened to a video on your round at Osprey?

  29. Ty Joseph says:

    Superb opening. Amazing product ion value

  30. evan3defense says:

    Anyone else on max volume?

  31. Welcome to Canada Micah! Come check out the Okanagan sometime. The courses are incredible as well!

  32. Vaxben X964 says:

    Was in Banff 17 years ago doing mountain climbing on the side of the course with a group from works and all I wanted to do was playing golf, they refused.

  33. The Mountain View at 18:30 looks unreal. Like actually fake

  34. Micah chirping him with “wearing your girlfriends hat” as he literally puts his hair up in a ponytail is…ironic

  35. MaestroSc2 says:

    Love Mike Bowser, cant wait til he has his own channel. Micah also playing great makes a great video.

  36. Started off looking like a great video but had to stop watching because of the GoPro style camera. Depth of view makes it feel like you’re looking through a fish bowl. Is the whole video shot like that?

  37. G Watts says:

    Keep that pedal steel coming Tig.

  38. BobbyBdennis says:

    how has cobalt not sponsored you yet

  39. Cole Shannon says:

    Camera looks so clear but it’s kinda making me sick

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