The Big Kick-Off | Premier League, EFL & Europe Predictions 23/24 | Best bets, analysis & more

Join Bruce Millington, Mark Langdon, James Milton and professional football bettor Nick Goff as they preview the 2023/24 Premier League season, the top European leagues, and the EFL in the Big Kick-Off.

Find out the guys’ selections and best bets for the upcoming season. They analyse who they think will win the Premier League title, who could challenge for European places, likely relegation candidates and potential top scorers.

The team also take a look at the top European Leagues including; the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1. Before running through the EFL, making sure to give their best analysis and tips for the Championship, League One and League Two.


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0:00 – Intro
01:26 – Best Transfers in the Premier League
02:07 – Which Premier League teams will get better and worse next season?
03:36 – Premier League BREAKTHROUGH stars
05:05 – Summer football for pro football bettors
06:25 – Will Saudi Arabia have the BEST league?
08:55 – Should we change the time-wasting extra-time?
10:20 – Premier League outright winner
15:45 – Premier League outright without Man City
21:36 – Premier League Top-Four race
28:19 – Premier League relegation
37:25 – Premier League Top Goalscorer
47:02 – Serie A best bets
56:35 – Ligue 1 and Bundesliga best bets
54:39 – La Liga best bets
58:30 – Championship best bets
01:08:30 – League One best bets
01:12:54 – League Two best bets
01:20:47 – Free Bet Builder offer
01:20:57 – Best 23/24 football bets
01:22:45 – Best bets Accumulator
01:24:30 – Outro


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20 Replies to “The Big Kick-Off | Premier League, EFL & Europe Predictions 23/24 | Best bets, analysis & more”

  1. Razormiller says:

    Good show but Nicks "bored with the two team domination inLa Liga" comment is baffling? Lol he must be really bored of the Premier league too then. Its a 1 team domination there. Plus in La Liga theres been 3 teams competing for the title over the last 5+yrs…. Such lazy punditry by Pl snobs at times. Does my head in. Also his comment about Kane to Bayern and how the Bundesliga title is worthless compared to PL top scorer is just another example of that PL snobbery. All the top leagues are great. All have good/bad aspects to them. Focus on the good.

  2. Interesting that Nick says it’s a weak Championship. I don’t disagree but so many people posting on Championship YouTube content are saying it’s a strong league this year.

  3. I'm no longer waiting for the GRANT LOAN because I acquire $29,600 every 10 days recently.

  4. Steve Thomas says:

    Are these boys professional punters?

  5. Saudi long term aim is the Champions League. If UEFA initially refuse their application to join UEFA on the basis that they are not on the European land mass, Saudi will point to the fact that Israel are in UEFA despite also not being on the European land mass. UEFA will then say that Israel are allowed to play in UEFA competitions in order to avoid conflict and violence in games in the Middle East. Saudis will then transfer billions to the bank accounts of UEFA officials. Champions League Final 2028 at Jeddah – Al Whoever v Al Whatever.

  6. Steve Thomas says:

    Christ an all white male panel, how refreshing. No virtue signalling, just experts based on ability, bravo.

  7. Tomas Reilly says:

    Great watch, Goff a huge addition

  8. Mark Rodgers says:

    Great program guys really good viewing hopefully your bets hit the back of the net tip for Ayr opening window and always use your loaf 👍👌🤞

  9. Kevin Hasnip says:

    great show all come on ipswich

  10. Great work – Would love to see Nick on regularly.

  11. I bought the racing post 31st July 2023 !! It's a fantastic read with facts and odds and league predictions , with the free big kick off football season 2023/24 !!! I shall be reading and studying all the leagues English Scottish Italian Spanish German French and English non leagues , keep up the good work with the racing post

  12. Joust Joust says:

    Nick, why are you letting yourself go on tilt? That’s what this lot love

  13. Johnny Byrne says:

    Great video guys and at last a fellow Wolves fan in Nick Goff UTW.

  14. marine boy says:

    What price on villa to get top 5 and qualify for champions league

  15. Ipswich are not comparable at all with those top League one sides, FYI Huddersfield stayed up regardless of the points deductions but yes unlucky Warnock came to the rescue. Very good however and agree on Mcgoldrick!

  16. Subsonic says:

    Great show, as always

  17. gaz garrison says:

    Love these and the lads but one observation mark can't quite keep a lid on his arsenal hatred can he, tries his best to be professional but can't quite manage it

  18. tom mitchell says:

    1:23:00 Call it as it is Bruce ; its a facespitter

  19. Steve Ellis says:

    Chels are gonna do bits

  20. tom mitchell says:

    I dont agree with all the love for City this season ; Arsenal would have won the league had Saliba not got injured and now theyve addressed that with Timber as well as upgrading in the CDM role with Rice for Xhaka I think they can put last season right especially given a likely hangover for City. The signing of Havertz , while overpriced , could be a real coup given how motivated he's likely to be after how things went for him at Chelsea too

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