Stat Utilisation

Stat Utilisation with Mark Crossfield PGA professional and Matthew Lockey PGA Professional. The guys give their opinions on why stats are important and ways to use them. Play your best golf with simple and easy to follow golf tips from Mark Crossfield’s AskGolfGuru QnA channel.


4 Replies to “Stat Utilisation”

  1. Mark, can you give some instruction on playing out of very firm or wet sand in bunkers, and sometimes when ther is very little sand in bunkers??

  2. Jon Gee says:

    Please, please, PLEASE buy #coachmumbles a wireless microphone!

  3. MrPolus24 says:

    Remove outliers from averages but still be aware of them.

  4. Would have like you to talk about the stat's on your hole in 1 , i know you hate to talk about it and sooooo sorry for bringing this up again ! Please forgive me master guru 🤓

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