Tucked away on the south side of Massachusetts there’s been this one course that I’ve never played. I’ve basically played every single course within an hour of my home, but for some reason I never stopped at Crane Hill. So I was pretty excited to check this one off the list and now I really feel like I know all of my home courses!

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  1. Such a fun course, one of my favorite in MA!!

  2. Devil says:

    The fact that Simon can throw a Delirium that far is insane. I found one of them without ink at one of my home course, and that thing is INSANELY overstable. I can throw close to 400', I'm MA2 atm, and I can throw that thing on a 40 degree anhyzer angle on backhand and it will still come out of it.

  3. bwahb1kenob says:

    I just got a resistor a few weeks ago. Really nice disc. I like the 6 speeds I’ve thrown.

  4. I DONT USUALLY DO THIS…… BUT TODAY I’m coming on your channel to call you and Casey White OUT!!! I CHALLENGE YOU BOTH TO 18 holes winner takes all match… DETAILS TO BE DISCUSSED BETWEEN US 3… WHAT DO YOU SAY?

  5. Will Hartz says:

    I’m sure you know this but the eclipse hex’s are also pretty stable like the proton hex’s. I’ve been doing the same thing, flippy neutron for turnovers and stabler eclipse that pushes a bit.

  6. Steven says:

    For someone who complains about people talking during his putt, Simon sure does like talking during every putt of his buddies 😂 Love that guy

  7. See you at DGLO Simon!!!

  8. john bauer says:

    go to westly in greenfield ma

  9. Looked like a fun course. Good luck in the upcoming tournaments Simon 🙂

  10. cody klinge says:

    Stoked to see you back competing next weekend man! Miss watching you!

  11. Brian Lively says:

    Gotta play Oakholm! Its in the area

  12. Pix says:

    your vids have such a good vibe and always put in 100% effort love that

  13. NzSw4t says:

    11:25 – don’t you love it when you don’t know where your disc is and you check by the basket and it’s parked 😉

  14. Brian F says:

    Paul is one of the best guest players you shoot videos with imo. Shoutout to that dude. Also, your/Simon putts are ridiculous! See ya at Ledgestone 👍

  15. What are you putting with? Looks like a glitch

  16. Mark Hansen says:

    “When my throwing is good, my putting is off and when my putting is good my throwing is off”. Yes. Always.

  17. You should play flip city in Shelby Michigan

  18. Ok Simon If you putt like that you will win worlds so keep it up

  19. Every time Simon shows a disc they sell out… lol everyone going nuts for watermelon paradox!

  20. Eric Calhoun says:

    You just don't have water moccasins in MA, buddy. Probably seeing northern water snakes, copperheads rarely hang out in water, go find that disc

  21. GeorgeF says:

    Simon – solltest mal den Sensor deiner Kamera putzen 😉

  22. That relativity shot was absolutely bonkers !!!! That's insane ! Simons skills never cease to impress

  23. Yanks says:

    I lost my watermelon Hex last weekend…. I miss it.

  24. kRAUZber says:

    13:00 i just got winter anxiety. THANKS SIMON. :_D

  25. Now you have to check out some CT courses not too far away! Tower Ridge is excellent, Wickham Park of course or check out some of my local wooded courses Ecker Hill or Cross Farms!

  26. I got a 2018 patent pending soft neutron proxy with a TSA stamp on it if you want it Simon.

  27. bica says:

    We need a Simon putting form video !!!

  28. jordan king says:

    Have you played Slater Park in Pawtucket RI? It's about two minutes over the mass border.

  29. Shooop says:

    I’m gonna absolutely bust!!!

  30. Vampmonkey says:

    “Love the colors of the tee signs” – color blind disc golfer

  31. Ryan Daley says:

    Finally! My local course in MA.. they just installed the new tee signs and pads about a month ago or so

  32. Zach R. says:

    “There are only two venomous snakes in Massachusetts: the timber rattlesnake and the copperhead. Contrary to popular belief, there are no venomous “water moccasins” in the Bay State, only harmless water snakes.”
    Shouldn’t have let her go :/

  33. Good stuff. I think Paul will have his own channel before long. He has witty comments when appropriate and game to back it up. Looks like hes been paying attention.

  34. Rob Mc says:

    Paul has some serious potential. He's going to be a big name in the sport one day. We can all say "I remember watching him on Simon's channel when he was an amateur." Cool of Simon to help him showcase his talents for the disc golf community. Much like he did with Casey.

  35. Paulsi Pauls says:

    What is the next tournament/championchip you gonna join?

  36. HansTheGeek says:

    Mehr Glück als Verstand. Typisch!

  37. Pixle Chris says:

    That's my local place! cant wait to see what you think of it!

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