The Moe Norman/Ben Hogan Secret: Moe Norman Ball-Striking Clinic

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The Moe Norman/Ben Hogan Secret: Moe Norman Ball-Striking Clinic

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Graves Golf is the Worldwide Authority on the SIMPLE & CONSISTENT Single Plane Golf Swing© of Moe Norman—the legendary Canadian golfer who many Tour Pros regarded as the World’s Greatest Ball-striker. Graves Golf is a hub for complete golf game instruction across the United States with in-person golf camps and online training at

We’re led by Todd Graves—known as “Little Moe” after spending years training with Moe Norman himself and mastering his move—and Tim Graves, PGA certified and Callaway Master Professional named the 2020 Senior Player of the Year in the South Central PGA.

Beginning at grip & address, the Single Plane Swing simplifies the most important moment of the golf swing—impact. Consistency off the tee and fairway combined with a fundamentally sound scoring game can help you have fun playing golf at any level.

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45 Replies to “The Moe Norman/Ben Hogan Secret: Moe Norman Ball-Striking Clinic”

  1. Kevin Keding says:

    actually moe struggled this day. ball was to far forward

  2. The secret is that he used a different club and a tee.

  3. Tuck n slide…added 25 to my driver

  4. B says:

    The secret is if you hit as many balls as Moe or Tiger or Hogan you’re probably going to get pretty good at it….

  5. Moe norman hit on my range when i was 16 and i had a hour before everyone saw what he could do. He showed me how he could hit a ball to every point on a clock! 10 feet over ten feet short 10 feet left ten feet right! i could fill in the Clock,, he said, but instead went for a hole in one … miss it by 3 inches! no word of a lie ! He was autistic!! His description of spin and ball flight is still not understood.. An hour with moe norman on the range!

  6. Tim Hillier says:

    The PGA shunned him because he was Canadian and eccentric. Couldn’t handle a Canadian winning.

  7. I can hit the ball dead straight every time. I've only been playing 2 years. My probably is I can't leave a divot or get any distance. I hit 250 plus with driver but my irons are lacking. I'm wondering if I should try his way

  8. Greg Smith says:

    The fact that tee never broke just shows how much of a great ball striker Moe was

  9. Jordan Lamb says:

    I've played golf nearly 30 years and never heard of this man. Is it a wind up?

  10. Best Music says:

    its every good golfer secret its the ruby slippers, but most can't recognize the impact position…which is all its about…rest is nonsense. pay attention and you will see every pro in the exact same impact position…

  11. Hit the ball great on a practice tee.

    But couldn't cope with tournament golf due to the fact he was bat shit crazy 😄😄

  12. Dakota James says:

    No offense to Moe Norman but this guy is full of shit and he wasn’t even close to Tiger or Jack or Rory or Phil or even Dustin Johnson. Controlling ball flight and controlling your club path to hit draws and fades and different types of shots isn’t that hard.

  13. M K says:


  14. Joe Calvacca says:

    Moe downswing is not what he talked about

  15. Rob Everitt says:

    I’m going to give it a try…..

  16. Not sure why people struggle figuring out his swing. He shows you his intention and his grip shows you how he pressures the shaft in a different way.

  17. Watch his right leg. The slope of his leg does not change, just like Hogan.

  18. Mike Taylor says:

    knees triggering the transition.

  19. Butch O says:

    If you want to see something amazing, Google a pic of his irons.

  20. Johnny Ford says:

    hit 5000 balls a day that is the secret…

  21. Louis Smith says:

    So if you get 3 mulligans per hole you're sweet.

  22. When an ENTIRE league blackballs you, you know you’re doing something right.

  23. There isn't such a thing as a single plane golf swing, you can get close, but the human body isn't a robot, so it'll never be truly a single plane.

  24. Trader99 says:

    2:30 the legend of his tee never moving is true !

  25. JHaz says:

    Sounds like bubbles from trailer park boys

  26. I'm confused, why is it that he says no more sling shot effect?

  27. Don Baneham says:

    Hogan was double jointed

  28. Ray Manbert says:

    Moe Norman was a golfing.genius who.was happiest hitting golf balls!! Unparalled non- pretentious from Kitchener Ontario Canada!!

  29. When you get praise from tiger woods saying he’s probably the only guy to ever play the game waking up knowing you’re going to hit it pure every day that’s pretty special and this man definitely was

  30. Crispy Duck says:

    I just watched this and hope to improve – have been playing so bad have had to have the ball retriever regripped 😢

  31. David Parker says:

    Moe hit it dead center more often than anyone ever

  32. cp' mane says:

    i appreciate Moe, but he talks and other pros back him up as if he is the end all be all, but ironically nobody is copying him, and and I can't help but point out it took him four attempts to hit a particular high and long drive.

    I hope people understand what truly legendary means or even world champion means for that matter.

    From my experience and as hard as it may seem to believe, when demonstrating and now for them, truly not under pressure, they demonstrate on the first attempt and not the second or third or fourth, because even a semi-pro could do that.

    Just saying.

    And I don't care at all for his Ben Hogan reference, as if he has solved the mystery of the master move or essence of the golf swing itself, by theorizing which way the club will fall if removed from your hands, in concept or reality.

    Obviously his determination of saying the club will fall out the opposite direction, by allowing the club head to hit the ground and then with his own hands flip the grip end the opposite direction as his proof, is purely concept and not reality in terms of his own swing theory.

    What Moe does, is hardly genius, it is certainly admirable though and is needed and should be appreciated and given special considerations of course because he is in reality "X-experimental" and that's why research and development is a part of any legitimate business, an amount of budget is allotted for new ideas and discoveries.

    But all he has proven in reality, is the essence of what it takes to put oneself in a position in which, options are eliminated to a high degree.

    Its a reverse engineering concept in which the endeavor itself is too hard to measure and therefore somewhat ambiguous, so if expressed in the equation of "make or miss", then what he has done here, is shown you how to eliminate the possibility of Miss and now all there is left is make, which means everything happens at the beginning, and if you start out the event properly, then the byproduct is what you see because in effect, he cannot miss.

    But obviously he did four times in a row when making a claim and demonstration, and unfortunately, all his sacrifice and gallant effort, is flushed down the drain, because it's either we like the guy or we like the golf swing and everything it entails in terms of golf excellence because at the end of the day, methodology and technique is the system.

    Does not Moe, speak in terms of conventionality as we know it is wrong?

    Of course he does.

    The correct answer is right in the middle if you're talking about the ultimate in golf success, which means golf swing is the system.

    And since we know for now that it's safe to say we need to swing a club in order to achieve the ultimate in golf success, then it's obvious, we base our methodology and approach toward the middle as close as possible, where are the most options are available, and of course, the most volatile and chaotic lies because The cutting edge always becomes finer and finer.

    The reason I win this argument, and Moe does not, is because he is 100% right in game theory, what game theory has changed, when all of a sudden we enter "tiger proofed the Masters" into the formula.


    Moe = master move


    MOE = marble size callus on the inside of his left palm.


    Moe = master move – callus marble = ?

    All i would have to do is examine his driver grip to start a clear basis for argument in clinical terms of research and development and has nothing to do with scrutinization or praise of the man himself because it's a question of golf swing plus golf excellence.

    Thank you

  33. I'd love to see some of his raw footage shots ( down the line) ran through a shot tracer.
    Just so we could watch his flight path..

  34. another "Moe Secret"…you do not address the ball on the ball…no room to extend on downswing ! Like in baseball, you don't stand on the plate

  35. alan carlyon says:

    So hard to see how Moe made contact with the ball when he addresses at least a yard away from the ball with his club! It would have been a real treat to have met Moe, or even got to attend to one of his clinic's! God that guy went through the mill to get to where he got to with his golf! I am sure Todd Graves misses Moe more than anyone! Check Todd video's out as he is keeping Moe's swing going to this day as Moe taught him his swing!

  36. golfprochen says:

    Late hit, as late as it can be!

  37. Zug75 says:

    ill show you but im not gonna tell you- Moe, lol.

  38. Dave Haddock says:

    He explains it from 0.00 to 1.01 as "the slingshot effect" Hogan kept the right elbow tucked and created a lot of lag which he released at impact like a slingshot.

  39. Dscwac says:

    His secret is simple. Everyone wants it to be a quick fix and simply is not in golf and never will be. His secret is simply learning to hit with loose and quiet hands and basically flexing your left knee a little towards your big toe keeps you down the line longer. You can swing as hard as you want as Hogan describes if you can keep your hands and wrist loose and tension free.

  40. Tuncan 30 says:

    Well what the heck is he doing? "I'll show you but not tell you." And repeated, "I'm the only guy who knows the Hogan & his secret" I lost all faith in Moe & some respect with those statements!! For those of us who spend literally millions $$$ on golf every year and want to learn and get better, he let's us all down. Moe was decent guy, but he let thousands of fans and golf disciples down my opinion. He just gives ya some potatoes, but no meat!

  41. Gary Buckley says:

    His real secret was his hand action he played golf with his hands now you know sheep

  42. Hi Todd. I’m curious as to what different lofts Moe had on his drivers ?

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