The ONE CRUCIAL MOVE in the golf swing that is NEVER talked about

This is the ONE & ONLY CRUCIAL move in the golf swing THAT NEVER EVERY gets talked about & it drives me so crazy! This is the SINGLE move that can make any golfer: more powerful in the downswing, Hit from the inside with drier & stop early extension in one simple golf swing move. This for me is the one move that all golfers should be making in the golf downswing & it never gets talked about! Follow this simple golf swing advice that all the top golfers of past & present are making right now.

This is a downswing move that Ben Hogan made, Jack Nicklaus golf and that golfers like Tommy Fleetwood are making with their irons & driver & this is exactly why we see them at the top of the game week in week out!

Alex Elliott golf shows you the but weird golf ball striking drill for irons that gets your striking the golf ball so much better. The ONE CRUCIAL MOVE in the golf swing that is NEVER talked about

EYE OPENING TIP You Will Think Is WEIRD but gets you to the World of Great Golf Ball Striking!!

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35 Replies to “The ONE CRUCIAL MOVE in the golf swing that is NEVER talked about”

  1. CRUCIAL! but never ever talked about

  2. MrTriplet says:

    Good stuff. Been working on same thing

  3. Getting your shoulder low also comes naturally from what Jack Nicklaus says is the number 1 fundemental aspect of the swing, keeping your head in the same spot throughout the swing, as if your head was impaled on a pike and cannot move at all. I had trouble with contantly standing up in my downswing and topping the ball, but forcing myself to keep my head still and rotate my body around my head instead of my hips fixed not only my early stand up but a lot of other issues as well. It also effectively more than halved the amount of swing thoughts I have, as things I used to have to think about became a natural part of the movement.

  4. jamorusi says:

    😮😊😊😊😊 GGG

  5. Sanjay Verma says:

    Fantastic video.

    Everyone tells us about early extension but you have nailed the root cause.

    A lot of golf lessons address the symptoms and not the actual root cause, while you have addressed the very root of the problem.

    Thanks again for a great lesson and please do keep them coming.

  6. roadie1701 says:

    The best drill I’ve ever tried, I put it into practice today and it really developed my swing and put the missing pieces into place. Thanks Alex.

  7. Thappy0129 says:

    Always sound advice my friend. I found it much easier to learn with a 9 iron and PW. But why on earth do you all have to put the pointy arrow or finger on the thumbnail? Not against it but the title is enough to pull ya in ya know

  8. Adie W says:

    May seem like a stupid question but how do I get back to basic’s, I was playing fairly consistent rounds then got drawn into so many videos to improve my golf but so many things are running through my mind now it has had an adverse effect so much so it’s in my head before I even get to the first tee and has really affected the standard I was at 😔😔

  9. aviatorAW says:

    There is a black and white photo of Lee Trevino just after impact and his shoulders are nearly vertical. Your right, this is never mentioned.

  10. Neil Lewis says:

    Why does my iron practice shot differ to my actual shot?

  11. carl r says:

    This looks like and excellent drill. Having taken golf back up after 20 years, when I watch myself in the mirror, I can see that I'm just not getting a loose, natural shoulder turn anymore, and I have been working for the last three months on getting my right shoulder down. I just don't seem to have the flexibility anymore, but I am hopeful that this drill may not only remind me what I am trying to do, but be a good stretch to loosen up the flexibility. Thank you.

  12. Paul Connor says:

    Received email. claiming to be you never opened hmmm

  13. This gives such great perspective, thanks Alex!

  14. Craig Rapp says:

    Great video. I actually just yesterday used your chopping a tree down visualization from your driver video for irons and it really helped me to stop swinging over the top with my right shoulder and do what you are doing in this video. Thanks for all the great content.

  15. GSC says:

    In this drill is my right hip feeling like it's aiming at ball as well?

  16. Geweldig goede tip Alex!! 🏌

  17. Great lesson, Alex! I remembered that I was doing this ten years ago when I was playing well. But I haven't been able to this consistently since I have not been practicing much due to other commitments. Thanks for sharing your tips and videos!

  18. How do you fix hooking the ball when focusing on keeping that right shoulder down?

  19. Alex! very good drill ! I learn more every day! Thank you

  20. Jack Kinoff says:

    Time to take the OWGR points off the PGA Tour players then

    Gonna be harder to beat the LIV players over the head with this piunt now

  21. larry burns says:

    Been watching you for a few weeks now and just shot 70 (par 72) in a tournament. Thanks for the help!!!!

  22. You've perhaps never watched the WorldClassGolf channel. I tried this a few weeks ago. It takes a little while to trust it, but I am starting to see good results.

  23. Jerry Smiley says:

    Just don't understand how I am so consistent hitting my driver and the worst hitting my irons.

  24. This was truly excellent !

  25. Although I don't always get the same results every time Alex, I really like this side bend move to the ball. It reminds me a lot of the "slap shot" in ice hockey!! Since viewing this video, I'm going to work on this move more in my swing! Good Job Alex!! Keep up the good work!!

  26. Parski says:

    One more thing:
    ☝🏻Keep your butt BACK!

    When I early extend, it’s not because my upper body rises up; it’s because my butt moves forward … toward the ball, resulting in that early extension.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this 🤔

    Keep up the good work, Alex 👏🏻

  27. K J says:

    This is a great and essential move for sure, IF you retain your wrist angles, shift your weight forward and always be rotating. Dropping your right shoulder while either early releasing the club or keeping the weight back or slowing your rotation will drive the clubhead straight into the ground. Getting those three things wrong is why people tend to extend the distance to the ball by throwing their hips forward, their brain knows there is no other way to make contact.

  28. Roy Close says:

    Well done alex 🏌‍♂️ 👏 😊

  29. Risto Aksila says:

    Yeah, this move plus the down, out, and up back swing works wonders. So solid.

  30. Dave Kersley says:

    Alex thanks another great drill

  31. Dave Inglis says:

    Alex, you're a legend, I've only been playing golf for 3 months.. after watching your videos I've improved a lot, thanks

  32. Sam Blike says:

    My right shoulder being too level was causing me to top my driver all of last season. Fixed that early this season and have been hitting consistent drives so far!

  33. Neil T says:

    Done something similar to this drill for two years and it hasn’t changed my swing 😅🤦🏻‍♂️

    My takeaway is too steep and I think it’s caused by overswing in the takeaway. My left knee dips too low because of the overswing and then on the way back on the downswing, I have to come over the line because it the only way to get the club back to come somewhat in to out 😆 so I’ve drilled this for two years for it not to happen ha ha but after two years of an investment in bags, clubs, balls, range finder, a GC3 and swing room in the garage, mirrors everywhere in the garage, 30+ lessons, I’m putting it down to this –

    I’m 42 and took it up properly at 40
    I’m not as flexible as I should be due to 20 years in car, office chair, plane, sofa
    I go to golf straight after dropping three kids off after a stressful school run
    Every time I’m going to the course I’m playing score golf
    Vast majority of courses don’t have grass ranges to hit balls before you play so you’re prep for a round is rubbish
    Our weather is utter crap
    We play off mats in winter
    Our fairways aren’t right except june to sept
    We don’t have caddies
    We don’t have a coach stood with us before on the grass range for an hour before we tee off
    And the mrs is moaning to see what time you’re gonna be home so basically you have an egg timer on your Napper as you play 😆

    So, when people ask the elite pros the question

    Have you got any advice for amateurs to improve and they say, “club up.” They need to wake up and smell real world coffee 😆

    What they should say is –

    Dump your mrs, your kids, sacrifice everything like we did and try and rewind your life by X years so you can do the 7/8 hours a day we did when we were 14 😆

    Sorry Alex, I had a bad round today ha Hope everyone’s having a great day 😅😂

  34. i love the captions… they think you’re at mushroom hall 😂😂

  35. Bird Man says:

    I have a short backswing because my back won’t allow me to rotate like most golfers. I struggle with impact because I don’t know if i should stand away, closer, hinge my wrists, I don’t know how to take the club Back, I’m struggling! Help me please! 😂

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