The Pro's Weight Shift 'Secret' that Makes Golf REALLY EASY!

In this video, Steve talks about the weight shift and how to finish your golf swing in the proper position for power and accuracy!

Follow these tips and drills to increase clubhead speed, smash factor, driver distance, improve your golf swing, and have more FUN!
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2 Replies to “The Pro's Weight Shift 'Secret' that Makes Golf REALLY EASY!”

  1. TA T says:

    I've noticed on many videos that your left foot flares open at the top of you swing. Is that a learned move or just a unique part of your swing?

  2. dtrain570 says:

    Steve, Are you intending to shift your weight laterally 6 or 7 inches or is it just a consequence of pressing down or minding pressure on the heel of your left foot? Thanks for all you do.

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