CHIPPING around the green made SIMPLE with this technique

Chipping around the green can be made simple with this technique Ali uses in this video. Use this simple technique with various clubs to get up and down around the green or maybe even chip the ball in the hole.

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21 Replies to “CHIPPING around the green made SIMPLE with this technique”

  1. Frans Krause says:

    Ali, what is your opinion on the chipper? Thanks

  2. Paul McKeown says:

    I like chiping around the green with an 8 iron

  3. Sure if your gonna use a wood you might as well just bloody putt the thing

  4. Mark K says:

    I use anything from a lob wedge to a 7 iron…I also love my 5 wood. And this is the technique I use as well. Thanks for the video!

  5. I like to use 8 iron or PW (43°) depending on what’s in front of the green. I do tent to use 7 or 8 for bump and run. Good advice Ali, thanks.

  6. Kari Hall says:

    How about when the hole is close?

  7. It seems that most use an 8 iron for the bump and run. How would you decide whether to use a 7,8,9 or loftier wedge?

  8. Tim Bong says:

    I have trouble with chips below the hole to an elevated green. Either thin it or chunk it trying to keep my balance is hard sometimes.

  9. John S says:

    Thanks,for your advice. In 2021 I purchased a set of hybrids 3 thru lob. With help along. I'm 70 and I like the walking I if I used 4 or 5 hybrid with a little work ,I should have a better feel. I'll start working on it!!😎🍍🍍 thanks again!@

  10. Anthony Mead says:

    I usually use 8 iron for chipping.

  11. Jack Sprat says:

    Favorite club is 8 iron.

  12. I prefer an 8 iron for chipping around the green, occasionally a 9 iron depending on carry and pin distance.

  13. Titus Song says:

    Favorite club to chip with? The putter lol. Rather not risk hitting a fat shot. Only times I actually chip is if there's something in the way (bunker, hazard, etc). Otherwise 56 SW

  14. Neil Taylor says:

    Hybrid/7 wood are my favourite clubs when around the collar to chip with

  15. CornishMaid says:

    If I’m just off the green, I will either putt it, or use a chipper. If I’m a bit further away or in some rough, I always use my lob wedge with the Phil Mickleson hinge and hold technique, it’s brilliant.

  16. The grass in your demo looks fairly short, do you change anything if the grass is longer, almost rough like?

  17. DefenderTIM says:

    My greenside money club is my 8-iron using almost a putting stroke to get the ball over the fringe and rolling on the green. I've had a bunch of chip ins with it–it's probably the only golf thing that I actually do consistently well.

  18. Thanks for the tips, interesting to see that your 3 wood produced the best result on your 2nd attempt. I never would have thought of using that club as I prefer to use an 8 iron in a similar situation, and always find it’s far more reliable for me than a 56 degree wedge.

  19. gcoffey223 says:

    Never laugh at the chipper

  20. Si Taylor says:

    Or just buy a Wilson Harmonized chipper & laugh yourself silly at your mates duffing chip shots all over the course.

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