THE SIMPLE STEP TO BETTER Irons Strikes – golf lesson

Strike your irons pure with this simple golf lesson. use this drill to change your golf swing today.


9 Replies to “THE SIMPLE STEP TO BETTER Irons Strikes – golf lesson”

  1. I tell you what is funky Mark – that shirt!😂 Seriously though, interesting drill; i'll give it a go!

  2. Paintbait says:

    Anyone who as ever played baseball, softball, and probably cricket probably already doe a little step. A few people in the space (Manolo if you know who I'm talking about) does this as he transitions into and through the down swing and that dude can rip it. Understanding why it actually is beneficial is really cool though. I am going to try it the next time I'm having a rough go of irons.

  3. ForeMoreGolf says:

    Definitely trying this

  4. Lovely drill, worked wonders with me

  5. Timothy Wang says:

    Yes SIR

  6. M Rhino says:

    Hi Mark I’d like to see how much “nerves” play in a golfer. I think you should take a mid handicapper 12-18 range to a course expecting to play a lesson round with you and then unbeknownst to the player have your buddies (ie: Peter Finch, Matt Fryer) show up and start bombing drives and hitting fairways and greens to see if their game crumbles with the pressure to perform like the pros.

  7. T. Alden says:

    I’m here because my buddy Darren told me too, he’s a smart lad… but so are you! A very Thank you!

  8. Will try tomorrow 😅

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