Trump teeing off at the LIV Golf Pro-Am #shorts #trump #donaldtrump #livgolf

14 Replies to “Trump teeing off at the LIV Golf Pro-Am #shorts #trump #donaldtrump #livgolf”

  1. No Fear86 says:

    Is this what the Saudis paid 2 billion to Kushner and Ivanka for.

  2. Still getting money from the Saudis.

  3. Like the LIV players, a traitor at best. Clown golf with Bozo teeing off.

  4. Do they let you play in prison?

  5. …next course he plays will be a medium security facility housing federal criminals only

  6. K9 388 says:

    And Biden shits a diaper…..

  7. Jack Eicholz says:

    Could you imagine Biden teeing off.😂😅😅😅😂

  8. What a hacker! Utter shit

  9. Best President ever!! FJB

  10. Toke Jones says:

    What a physical specimen, said no one ever. Gross.

  11. J R says:


  12. Look at the form, way to get after it….

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