The SPOOKY End of the Road! Monster Roadtrip w/ Dodger and Octo | Monster Prom 3

Jesse is joined by Dodger (your favorite monster hunter Aaravi), Octo (The One and Only Narrator) in playing this special DLC edition of Monster Roadtrip! What weird things will our characters get up to in the newest entry in the Monster Prom Franchise!

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Hit the road with “Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip”, a vibrant sequel that twists the Monster Prom formula in an exciting new way. At its core, this is a very similar game: a multiplayer narrative adventure full of colorful characters and fresh funny dialogues. But this time the goal isn’t getting a date, but surviving a road trip (although you still can score a date if you play wisely).

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00:00 – 58:54 – Goofs. All the Goofs.
58:55 – 1:18:01 – Things get weird…
1:18:02 – 2:19:17 – Things gets scary…
2:19:18 – 2:31:50 – End of the Road (SPOILERS)


44 Replies to “The SPOOKY End of the Road! Monster Roadtrip w/ Dodger and Octo | Monster Prom 3”

  1. Zach Johnson says:

    I think someone has been playing The Stanley Parable or something…

  2. yodizzle says:

    My favorite series…

  3. Mini_Squatch says:

    Shocker, Jesse, the man who could not for the life of him pronounce acetominophen, isn't great at chemistry, lol.

  4. One Of none says:

    Not gonna lie I saw the song on beautiful glitch and decided to watch this for context it hurts good

  5. JanusKrug says:

    I love how into the spooky vibes Dodger got while voicing Polly.

  6. What in the Daniel Mullins is this

  7. JsKid says:

    Jesse, Tell the folks at beautiful glitch we need that final song out now

  8. Havoc says:

    Is there a way to enable the no game over thing on switch or is that a special mod thing?

  9. Wow! What a story ! And amazing end to this journey. Can't wait to find my own. Love you all including the devs ♥️

  10. Endark Culi says:

    It's been a wild ride, in more ways than one. I'm definitely impressed by the creativity of Beautiful Glitch to make a story like this, and I'm equally impressed by the passion you all brought when presenting that story to us all. Take care, and have a happy Summer!

  11. Trise says:

    I kinda figured something like that was coming, but wow… still hits like a ton of bricks, huh. Makes you question things: life, time, what it means to create… and to "grow up"…

  12. How the hell was this done? Do you need to make the specific pizza/couple/cave choice to get this? Or are there variations of this ending for like all of the different choices you can get?

  13. chad wilson says:

    dodgers biology teacher "humans arnt animals because we are all childrens of god" story is hilarious.

  14. Near the end of this getting serious "Inscryption" vibes

  15. Excellent addition to the Monsters Prom lore and series. That song at the end was hauntingly beautiful. And Dodger was giving an award worthy performance as fan favorite Polly Geist. My goodness I was floored. This trio is so talented. I still want to see the Scary Games Squad play any of these games in a full playthrough. The Super Beard Bros as well. Maybe one day.

  16. i did NOT see where the DLC would go and i am so hype for this- what an incredible move if the dev team!
    i love how they just go for things n live out their best ideas and lives :3

  17. JammerLamma says:

    I never expected to cry clicking on this video, and now I can't stop. God that ending just handed me my ass on a plate and didn't wanna stop. Amazing, just amazing.

  18. Earthenfist says:

    It would have been SO COOL if the un-ghost thing had actually de-ghosted Polly, too!

  19. Wahl Flower says:

    Mom, pick me up. I'm scared.

  20. Great ending made me cry for real.

  21. Also how did Polly turn into Monika but without the killing/deleting of her friends?
    EDIT: Monre "Monika After Story" Monika, the whole thing about asking the player to carry her with them (like how in the After Story mod when you tell her you're leaving you can iirc offer to take her with you on a usb stick or sd card), than base-game Monika, but elements of both in some sense.

  22. How. The fuck. Did a party ghost in a fucking raunchy comedy game have me in literal tears by the end…

  23. Xyvaz Krown says:

    What we need now is someone to be a Polly VTuber, and someone posseses the Ghost's body, or bring her 'to life' in the 'real world'.

  24. Angelica says:

    We could call this video, friends and tangents, and i'm so here for it! I laughed so much and just loved all your side stories. The dlc stuff i'm not sure was my jam but i adored the song at the end.

  25. ALJJ Ink. says:

    Wow the dev team really fucked me up this time with that ending.

  26. Mythe says:

    What a fun light hearted crazy game, i'm sure i will laugh right until the en…

  27. Mhurgle says:

    Aionios Apelpisia: " And at the end, it all becomes [The White Room Of Waiting / The Waiting Room In White] – but it doesn't stop, the Cycle begins again, even if it is a new different one. Everything does pass through the Eventualities, in one way or another. "

  28. Weertangel says:

    Wauw, i did not expect this kind of ending, well done and the song at the end took me totally by suprise.
    What i would't give for a complete voice acted version of these games, couse its so epic!
    and thank u as normal for this great video, always love it when u guys play any of these games.

  29. Lasnight says:

    Man can I just give a quick props to Dodger's voice acting.

    She managed to make some of those lines feel so real it genuinly hurt a bit.

  30. I was disappointed we didn't get the poly-scot-taur, but it worked out in the end.

  31. Godwinnslaw says:

    Jesse had the choice between listing to Octo and creating a new version of the game where you can't die and choose the ladder, sorry Octo.

  32. Angelnickl says:

    And then there was one.

  33. Rozonkomo says:

    Positively beautiful.

  34. 2:24:46 "When you're out there, carry me with you. That way, if this whole 'keep going' thing doesn't work, I'll still make it to other side somehow" Damn Jesse, this might have been the most meta ending I've seen in any game (and I like that it's not a "gotcha" kinda meta, but an actually thoughtful and meaningful one about the role fiction can have in our lives). Interestingly enough, there's a theory of consciousness that says conscious experience is (purely) informational, implying it can can copied, implying it can effectively survive outside of its original vessel. Of course, since any mental copy you make of a person is incomplete, that means they would only "partially survive" in/through you, but at least (according to that theory) it wouldn't be a complete death (which is line with what Polly said, but in a literal way, and not only metaphorically).

  35. 21:13 "I got the question wrong with a note: 'we aren't animals, we're children of god' " That's absurd (it's hard to believe it's not just a prank). Humans (the H. sapiens species) belong to the kingdom Animalia, which means we are animals (that just makes me wonder how that teacher would have defined the word "animal" if they were not using Linnaean taxonomy – also, they say god created animals, so why wouldn't they be considered "children of god" as well?).

  36. Geminias says:

    Truth be told, the ending was not as heavy as I was expecting (especially since the early vibes were really creepy), but at the same time I didn't expect it to literally turn into a heart-to-heart between creator & creation, talking about the nature of characters in a story. Very well freaking done, Beautiful Glitch. Jesse, you are rightfully proud of this team.

    (Also missing the End Of The Road content by being too successful in your first attempt – despite the save being literally set up to be nearly impossible to miss it – was hilarious in its own right)

  37. Amboseus says:

    This end, Polly saying goodbye, made me legitmately cry and Dogder's voice acting as Polly decending further and further along the stops on the road was excellent.

  38. Oort Boy says:

    I really thought she would dance. Great game you Goobers

  39. whymedk says:

    All of the 3 are epic streamers, but when their power combines it's world class entertainment 😀

  40. Orcwordlaugh says:

    Trigger Warnings, really? Also, are these guys contractually obligated to have one character use the ludicrous "they" each playthrough?
    Now they're praising vegan food, I'm out.
    Someone will think they're smart and say "triggered", since I mentioned trigger warnings. No, I see that this content isn't for me so I'm going to just not watch it. It's that easy, no Trigger Warning required.

  41. Danny D says:

    What….. the actual fuck. I love it!!!

  42. I love how octo embraced "zed" (z). Him and Jesse have come a ways from that one time they both were goofing on dodger for using the pronouciation "zed." Clarkie must have swayed them 🙂

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