The Trick To Staying Down Through The Ball (You're Missing This Right Arm Move)


Ultimate Guide To Rotation In The Downswing

Complete Guide To Shallowing In The Downswing

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21 Replies to “The Trick To Staying Down Through The Ball (You're Missing This Right Arm Move)”

  1. That is my biggest problem.

  2. Great lesson, that could last 5 minutes, instead of 10…

  3. Erikkk says:

    I haven't watched the video yet but this randomly popped up in my feed and I hope, no pray(!), this is the hidden gem I think it is!πŸ™πŸ˜

  4. Tom 54 says:

    Seems to me that if you keep the right elbow close to the hip and the right arm bent, won’t that almost automatically guarantee you a little side bend too which keeps you in the right posture? All the tour pros seem to be in the same position at impact and hopefully we can get there too..thanks

  5. aviatorAW says:

    Yes! This provides such a powerful feel. As you drive the hips though impact the bent right arm brings the strike. What a valuable observation, thank you.

  6. Todd Devine says:

    Man oh man, you just hit the motherload of all tips with this! THANK YOU!

  7. try peter cowen towel drill to grip club…. keeps those elbows close and forces a bent right wrist at impact.

  8. I know you need to dish these pearls in bite-size pieces but here I felt you had the opportunity to talk about something I've discovered on bowing the wrist, i.e. how to get the hands in front of the club. The stability you get in the club face from holding the elbow (or not throwing it towards the ball) requires that extended right wrist. This is how I feel the bowed wrist too and explains why it's so important as well because the elbow needs to maintain its bend, as you say here.

  9. graham jones says:

    Warning i improved dramatically after doing right arm only swings and strikes But i think you have to be strong in the arm as club is heavy and arm is in weak position, easy to injure yourself.Stupidly i learnt to do left arm only swings and strikes years b4 right arm only even tho im right handed

  10. High quality learning!!

  11. JChowngolf is dropping serious knowledge.

  12. Another absolutely amazing video. You have had some fantastic drills that I try and do daily. Hopefully I will start seeing the gains soon!

  13. Brent says:

    I think you really identified my issue, and many others, trying to swing your arms at the ball. You clearly demonstrated by keeping the arm bent and not straightening at impact, rotating the body for speed, and compressing the ball that creates the ball speed. I don't think this is talked about or stressed enough.
    So I did just that and with a half swing I was hitting it just as far as I would with my old full swing. πŸ’₯

  14. 6 6 says:

    I'll try.Thank you

  15. Bassmasta911 says:

    I am having the problem that my swing looks good on video, feels good, but where I am hitting the ball is millimeters different each time and causing problems. Do you have any tips on hitting in the exact same spot consistently?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Would appreciate seeing a side view of drill 2.

  17. DJ F says:

    It's almost as if you are following me around and telling me what I did wrong yesterday. Another great one!

  18. I think this might be my problem, thanks so much playing this week will let you know

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