The Ultimate Full Body Cable Golf Workout for Swing Speed Development

Want to hit the golf ball further? Traditional body building and power lifting exercises are great, but often lack carry over to increasing your swing speed and hitting the ball further. A cable machine is probably my favourite tool to develop strength and power in the areas that will directly impact your golf swing. And 90% of gyms have them which makes it an easy tool to use if you have a gym membership.

Follow along this step by step tutorial workout using only cable machine and watch your swing speed and distance improve.



4 Replies to “The Ultimate Full Body Cable Golf Workout for Swing Speed Development”

  1. Hello, do you recommend completing all sets of each excercise before moving to the next, or perform a full circuit of all excercises and repeat the circuit four times? What would be pros and cons of either?

  2. Philip Henry says:

    Why are you wearing a mask?

  3. J R says:

    great video, adding this next workout

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