They Say This Driver Adds 100 Yards…

Today we are back with another golfing every single day until i shoot under…


49 Replies to “They Say This Driver Adds 100 Yards…”

  1. first come first serve…

  2. Roy Fritz says:

    We like the same blizzard. Shits my favorite

  3. Roy Fritz says:

    Man I liked the eagles franchise a little better than your stroke game 😂

  4. Our golf game is so similar, even our swings look a like!

  5. #Birdie! Great way to end a tough day at the office! Glad you included your wife in this one I'm sure she is glad too! Your shooting under par within the next week mark my words!

  6. I love how you asked the wife if you could get ice-cream after golf. That was funny.

  7. Jack Zaffke says:

    BEHEMOTH! With a B!

  8. Aiden DA says:

    100% Rory McIlroy

  9. Wow what a great shot to end a tough round! You’ll come out strong next video after that imo! #birdie

  10. How is it not Smokey there in Canada but Smokey here in pa ??? Also no need to show off with the house hahah

  11. Who knew we needed Brett and maddi golf content in our lives 😂 this was the best video yet!

  12. Pj says:

    Openhiemer I was watching your staff points 😂

  13. wonderboy514 says:

    #oppenheimer #birdie Keep living your dream Brett!!

  14. Mr Gamecox says:

    “The thing about golf in life: if you quit, you’re never going to get better.” — Brett Barrett 12:43

  15. zach gordon says:

    #oppenheimer u already know I watch everything

  16. Bd94stl2019 says:

    TD!! I love the new golf videos!! Been a big fan of your Chanel for years with similar interest to madden, nhl,.. we’ve both played sports and were really good in 1! I was really good at hockey! Nhl is definitely my best video game.. never tried to go pro tho.. unfortunately YouTube is not my job.. which was a dream of mine! Just was hard to sacrifice job security that I had already. I started playing golf about 3 months ago and I love it so much! All my hockey buddies play golf and wondered why I didn’t! It’s really a very fun sport! I’m obsessed! In the 3 months.. I do usually 1-2 18 hole rounds a week. Great thing is I’m still young at 28!

  17. Brendan Roes says:

    Dude you are so massive irl! Hahaha all the madden videos I see your head only loool

  18. Maddie is so funny TD 😂😂 she couldn’t tell you good job

  19. The lesson to all of this… Get you a great woman like Maddie. Who will support and uplift you no matter how far down you are. Good vid

  20. To use a poker term you were TILT

  21. Milan Sunder says:

    Oppenheimer ‼️

  22. JT says:


  23. TommyTTV says:

    Finally tuned. Watching this during my leg day😵‍💫🏋🏽

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