Saving FailRace HQ – Xenonauts 2

I am back on the amazing Xenonauts game, where our base is very much under attack and i must do everything possible to somehow keep us all alive.

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7 Replies to “Saving FailRace HQ – Xenonauts 2”

  1. Great videos. Love Xenonauts/UFO. Keep em coming.

  2. Every time you get outgunned, and the following time you still split up your team and guarantee you will be outgunned… Wouldn't a single team be better to take out enemies before they take out your people?

  3. TheBaldrickk says:

    Next time, can we give the tanks range-finders for +10 accuracy? With the laser cannon, you don't really need the secondary rifle weapon they carry, so that slot is a bit wasted. Making Queen Caleb even MORE lethal can only be good, right?

  4. This is up there with STH for me, Wednesday nights can’t come around soon enough for my update of FR defending the Earth with their terrific grenade skills

  5. @FailRace
    Alex, this was excellent! And you're getting better!

  6. TheBaldrickk says:

    I thouroughly support Pvt Baldrick.
    Only 6 minutes in so far… I hope they survive.

  7. MikeGG says:

    Planey McPlaneface?? Are you stuck in the early 00’s?! 🤨

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